January 2, 2019

Flour Plan: Do-It-Yourself Recipe Kit- Skillet Sausage n' Rice

No cook? No problem! Flour Plan is here to save the day! Flour Plan is subscription box that makes cooking at home easier and hassle-free. With Flour Plan's Do-It-Yourself Recipe Kits, you are this close to preparing your own meal without the trial and error. 

Flour Plan basically makes your cooking life easier with their pre-measured ingredients, a recipe card to follow, and some tools to help you in cooking a hassle-free meal and a personalized dining experience.

I was sent a Flour Plan box earlier last month consisting of their Family Size Recipe Kit. My recipe of the day was Flour Plan's Skillet Sausage N' Rice. Each recipe kit costs Php450 which is already good for 5 or more people. 

The box includes everything you'll need to recreate the dish. Everything is neatly packed and ingredients are guaranteed fresh so make sure you refrigerate the ingredients immaediately upon receiving the kits. 

There is a recipe card with list of ingredients and a step-by-step procedure that you just have to follow for a successful Flour Plan experience.

My first Flour Plan meal was a success. It didn't look as mouthwatering as the one in the photo, but taste-wise it was really good. 

Flour Plan also offers 2-person serving kits at Php350, ideal for those living solo or independently. They offer free delivery for Metro Manila residents and orders are sent out every Saturday. 

There are a lot more recipes available on the Flour Plan website from savory dishes to delightful sweets and desserts.

Check out www.flourplanph.com for  more recipes and how to avail your first order. 

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