January 6, 2019

The Zen Institute A Medical Spa- Ultralift and Mesolipo for the Wedding Day

Tinghun finally down, and one last push to go- the wedding day. Preparing for both tinghun and wedding may be exciting, but it can also be stressful at the same time. 

A month before our tinghun day, I was worried I won't be able to fit in my gown. It was quite tight that we decided to adjust it by an inch so I can wear it comfortably. Since our tinghun was a very special day for us, I wanted to look good and feel good. We regularly went to the gym, stayed away from unhealthy food and avoided eating out.

Then, I learned about The Zen Institute- A Medical Spa through a former schoolmate. I've always been curious if these non-invasive medical clinics really work. I know for a fact that these treatments cost a lot of money, and results depend on each person. I thought, if results aren't guaranteed, why bother trying it in the first place. 

But since it was for a special day, I decided to try their services. I scheduled for a free consultation to know which treatment is best for my problem areas and how much it would cost.

The consultation started with a one on one session with The Zen Institute's resident doctor. I filled up a form with my details, had my measurements taken, and we talked about my problem areas for assessment.

After the consultation, the doctor then recommended the right treatment and services to address my problem. She recommended UltraLift and Mesolipo. I was told that results can be seen after 3-5 sessions, and that I can do both treatments at the same time. They recommended 5 sessions for each treatment (once a week) just in time for our tinghun day.

Ultralift /Ultralipo is a soothing massage-like treatment that uses ultrasound cavitation targeting the cell membranes of the fat cells and breakdown and release the triglycerides. The massage also promote lymphatic drainage thereby improving appearances of cellulite.

Mesolipo on the other hand involves an injection of a fat-dissolving cocktail on specific areas of the body to melt the unwanted fat and create the desired contour. Virtually painless as micro needles are used to administer the medicine directly into the fat.

If you know me, that's a big no-no. I've always hated needles. The last time I had my vaccine, I ran out of the clinic and bit the arms of my pedia. I was 5 years old. Right after college, I had to take a blood test for a medical exam, I literally cried like a baby inside the hospital.

After much contemplation, I realized I had to face my fear once and for all. So, I finally decided to do it. I conditioned my mind and body for my first session and went to The Zen Institute in Binondo.

Just when I was ready for my first session, I was told that I still need to take a skin test to check if the medicine will cause some skin reactions. And only 3 days after the skin test can they start to perform the procedure. Talk about prolonging my agony. But plus points for ensuring and prioritizing their patient's safety and health.

I went back the next week for my first session.

We started with the  Ultralipo/Ultralift.

It was done in a private room with storage space for your personal belongings, clean towels and sheets, and the machine that will be used for the session.

After cleaning the surface area of my arms, a cold gel was applied all over.

Then a small hand-held device with metal plate was used to massage my arms. It was quite relaxing except for the buzzing noise coming from the machine. I was told that only I can hear the "tinnitus" sound or ultrasonic sound waves from the machine. It took around 8 minutes per arm, total of 16 minutes for both arms.

The Mesolipo was administered by a resident doctor since it involved a series of injection on the arms. An ice pack was used to numb the area of the skin. Trust me when I say, the burn from the ice hurt more than the actual injection. The medicine used (Phosphatidylcholine) for the Mesolipo is one of the safest medicine there is and is soy-based so you won't really feel a thing.

I can't help but laugh at myself whenever I see this photo.

There it goes!

Look Ma! I didn't cry!

The arms may show some bruises after a few days, but that is normal and will clear up after 5 days.

Now the big question is, DID IT REALLY WORK?

Let these photos do the talking:



First photo was during my first session and second photo was one month after the first session. I literally saw the big difference especially on the arms. So, yes, it actually worked for me.

I had a total of 2 Mesolipo sessions and 3 Ultralipo before achieving this result. I plan to continue the sessions before the big day and hoping I'll achieve optimal results soon.

The Zen Institute A Medical Spa
2F Downtown Center Bldg., 518 Quintin Paredes Rd. Binondo, Manila
Tel num: 255-0403


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