January 8, 2021

Foreo UFO Review: Revolutionary Smart Mask Treatment at Home in 90 Seconds!

I'll admit, I am very much a low-maintenance skincare kind of girl. I rarely go to facial spa centers, and I don't own a lot of skin care products. For me, an effective skin care routine should be simple, convenient, and most importantly, sustainable- a routine you can religiously follow and stick to. 

As far as my skin care routine goes, cleanse, tone and moisturize are my bare-minimum. I want something quick and manageable, but at the same time successful in keeping my skin clear, bright and hydrated. 

Good thing I came across UFO by Swedish  brand Foreo. UFO is a complete smart mask treatment that combines a dynamic innovation of dermal technologies with exclusive Korean mask formulas in one revolutionary device. 

Imagine having one sophisticated device that can give you a refreshing and luxurious spa-like facial treatment in seconds, and being able to enjoy it from the comfort of your very own home! 

First, let's talk about the physical features of the UFO. The UFO by Foreo comes in a palm-size circular device that functions as a personal facial spa you can bring anytime, anywhere. 

The device comes in a protective acrylic case, complete with accessories like a usb connector cable, device stand, a free mask, and manuals to get you ready for your first use. 

To get started, I downloaded the Foreo beauty app on my smartphone which helped me connect and control my UFO through my mobile device. I registered my UFO and followed the instructions on how to properly sync the mask treatment that I was going to use. 

You have to scan the mask barcode on each pack before every use so the device can recognize the specific mask that you will be using. 

Remove the attachment ring, and secure the mask on the device before clipping the attachment ring back into place. 

Now, I am all set to start my first UFO treatment. 

I just massaged the UFO device to my clean and dry skin in a circular motion and let it do its wonders to my face.

What I loved about UFO by Foreo:

Luxurious facial spa treatment without leaving the house

The UFO has been my source of relaxation during this community quarantine. It's so convenient especially since I don't go out nowadays. This is great for people who love taking care of their skin but at the same time would want to limit non-essential visits to public places. 

Time Saver

I've been using my Foreo UFO at least twice a week for more than a month now and I can safely say that this is by far the best addition to my skin care routine. Plus, it only takes about 90 seconds! I love that I can easily use it before going to bed at night. 

I normally go for another round of treatment because I feel that 90 seconds pass by too quickly. 

Better Skin Absorption

Compared to a regular face mask, I feel that the UFO does better in making sure that all the serum from the mask sheet is well-absorbed by the skin. With UFO's Hyper-Infusion Technology that combines heating, cooling, and T-Sonic Pulsations, you are sure to get the maximum benefits of a complete mask treatment. The Thermo-Therapy mode gradually warms the device on the skin to open the pores for a better absorption of the mask essence. Simultaneously, T-Sonic Pulsations are felt as it gently massages and soothes the skin. Finally, cooling sensations from the Cryo-Therapy mode are felt on the skin as it minimizes the pores and locks in all moisture from the mask serum. 

Selection of UFO Activated Masks

UFO has a wide range of activated masks to suit every skin type and targets specific needs of the skin. These masks are developed and sourced from Korea where the concept of sheet masks originated. Made with all natural ingredients, the mask sheets are made with ultra-soft microfiber and soaked in premium Korean skincare formulas. 

My UFO device came in with a starter mask of Make My Day. It is a daytime mask sheet infused with luxurious red algae and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moisturized and protected from harmful free-radicals all day long. 

Aside from the main daily mask collection, Foreo also came up with the Farm to Face Advanced Collection that targets specific concerns of the skin. 

Since my main skin concern nowadays is dryness, I got myself their H2Overdose and Youth Junkie, both of which address dryness and dehydration of the skin. 

H2Overdose is infused with Hyaluronic Acid that instantly hydrates dry and thirsty skin. It comes with a blend of active ingredients that deeply hydrates the skin and replenishes it with natural moisture for a smoother and more supple skin. 

Youth Junkie on the other hand is infused with Collagen that promotes age renewal by making the skin firmer, more plump and lifted. It restores the skin's elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, giving the face a natural and youthful glow.

It is highly recommended that only Foreo mask sheets are to be used with the UFO, as it is specifically designed with your device to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

I love how the UFO really helped in keeping my face moisturized and hydrated. No more dry patches on the skin, and my face always feels supple and radiant. 

There's enough serum on each mask sheet so you can still pat some essences under the eyes and neck. 

Since these masks are made in Korea, you can only expect the highest quality ingredients of natural plant and fruit extracts, free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones and other ingredients that may do more harm than good to your skin.

Both masks were really helpful in achieving skincare goals, and targeting specific skin care concerns. But if I had to choose, my favorite is the Youth Junkie as it really made my skin firmer. I love how the collagen serum lifts my skin making it brighter and giving my face an extra youthful glow. 

As I mentioned earlier, I am a low-maintenance girl when it comes to skincare. I've only been using the UFO at least twice a week, but my skin feels hydrated everyday. No more dry skin and patches, plus, my face feels bright even without makeup. My favorite part is that all these can be achieved at the comforts of my home in just minutes! I don't really have to make extra time for this additional routine daily.

You can buy the Foreo UFO at their official store in Lazada here: foreo.se/8wy


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