September 5, 2012

Saving Money on Travel

Saving Money on Travel
Everyone loves going on vacation, but I’ve yet to meet someone that enjoys travelling.  It can be such a hassle dealing with airlines, security, and hauling luggage around.  But just because it is a hassle, doesn’t mean that it also has to be super expensive.  Here are some easy tips and tricks to save money on your next trip. 

Shop Around Online

The first step with booking any trip is to shop around online.  There are a lot of good travel sites out there, and you can take your pick and see what airline and hotel prices are going for.  I recommend checking back at different times of the day, and comparing different travel sites to see if there are any differences. 
Another trick is to clear your browser cache and try again.  There are rumors out there that travel sites will remember who you are, and only show you selected deals.  This could make you miss out on a great deal.  And with all internet shopping sites, make sure that you look for voucher codes online to see if there are any savings, or possible free upgrades. 
Look for Package Deals

The next thing I usually do is look for package deals that could be offered by either the airline or hotel.  Many airlines and hotels partner to offer some savings to travelers who bundle their packages.  This can either give you discounted airfare or a discounted hotel stay.  However, even with the package deal, check for other discounts you can use.  For example, there are Thomas Cook voucher codes at net voucher codes, and you can save on airfare through them. 
Call Directly

Finally, before you book your stay and trip, make sure you call the airline and hotel directly to see if there are any better deals.  Sometimes they have incentives to offer that the online travel sites can’t beat.  Also, sometimes deals have been started but haven’t populated through all of the internet websites yet.  By calling, you can be one of the first to take advantage.  

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