October 31, 2012

Perfect Italiano Presents The Prefettos- A Mystery Dinner by Pinoy Eats World

Recently received an invite to an exclusive meet and greet event of Perfect Italiano's The Prefettos. There wasn't much detail on the invitation except for the date, time and the destination that says Perfect Italiano's Mystery Resto. 

It sounded mysterious and exciting as we were instructed to meet up at San Antonio Plaza Arcade, McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati. Then a shuttle arrived to pick us up and brought us to our final destination- The Perfect Italiano's Mystery Resto

We finally arrived in front of a mysterious residence and were led inside the house to a beautiful and modernistic kitchen. You see, the moment I received the invitation for Perfect Italiano's event, the first thing that came into my mind was a pasta brand. But after doing some online research, I learned that it was actually a brand of cheese. 

I came to the right place.

The cheesy dinner was prepared by Pinoy Eats World, a company known for their Guerilla Dinners helmed by Chef JJ Yulo and Namee Jorolan

We were presented with the menu for the night, with each dish infused with Perfect Italiano's variety of cheeses. 

While waiting for other bloggers and media to arrive, we were served with an appetizer to tease our palates. 

Attilo's Chorizo- Chorizo fondutta + roasted baby potatoes

"Attilo's Warm Welcome"
Attilo's Chorizo is a fondue of cheeses from the Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Mix and Parmesan combined, blended with bits of Spanish Chistorra. It was a perfect complement to the soft roasted baby potatoes skewered on stick. 

After everyone settled into their seats, welcoming remarks was made and the history of The Prefettos was presented. 

Perfect Italiano has a wide variety of cheeses that you could use in cooking. You can also use their products to add some twist to classic dishes and make it tastier and more flavorful. 

Amadore's Panzanella De Amore- Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, bread and basil salad + anchovy herb dressing 

"So Delicious You Might Fall In Love With Him"
Amadore's Panzanella is a refreshing plate of crunchy wheat bread, diced tomatoes, cucumber and mozzarella tossed in a delicious tangy herb dressing. Ti Amo Amadore! 

Soup Graziano- A great soup of Italian sausage, salami, mozzarella and romano

"A Comforting Soup To Warm The Soul, With The Special Graziano Touch"
This tomato-based soup filled with Italian sausages and salami was also dubbed as the Soup Pizza with its thick and rich texture topped with our favorite Mozzarella and Romano cheese.

Ilario's Seaside Special- Prawns and clams with Parmesan Gremolata over seared zucchini parm salad

"Ilario's Playful Dish To Remind You of Tranquil Days At The Beach"
Ilario's Seaside Special is an aromatic platter of clams and prawns on a bed of zucchini slices. Although the prawns and clams were good on its own, I love it together with the tasty zucchini slices underneath with its buttery and flavorful taste. 

Primo's Pride- Kitayama + chimi, roasted veggies with a blend of Parmesan and Romano Mornay sauce

"Primo's Pride Is Simply The Best And The Finest"
Primo's Pride is this succulent Kitayama beef seasoned with herbs and spices that is tender, juicy and made special with the Parmesan and Romano Mornay sauce over roasted broccoli.

Dolce Prefetto- Calamansi cheesecake with calamansi curd

"Sweet and Sour- A Perfect Ending To A Rich And Savory Ensemble"
A sweet and heavenly dessert to cap off our meal is this rich and creamy cheesecake with crusted graham topped with a sweet and sour calamansi curd. 

An additional dish for the night is this Mushroom Pasta served as a bonus. It was plain and simple yet so flavorful. Chef JJ Yulo explained that the secret to this dish is lots of black pepper. 

The dinner was also attended by celebrity-bloggers The Fat Kid Inside, Erwan Huessaff and Victor Basa.

Also took advantage of the Unlimited Photo Magnets from PartyShots Photobooth

It was indeed a night of perfect recipes, amazing games and surprises. Congratulations and thank you to the collaboration of Perfect ItalianoPinoy Eats WorldK2, and Nuffang Philippines for making this happen. It was such an intimate gathering of foodies and friends for night of fun and interaction.


  1. Nainggit ako kay Erwan, ester sa food. :)

  2. i like cheeses. the cheese dishes here look good, especially the ones without meat. the pasta and mushroom dish also looks good. it looks like a fun evening.

  3. The prawns! Oh my! And calamansi cheesecake looks quite delish.

  4. This is my brand of parmesan!!! :D Ever since the first time I decided to use parmesan for pasta, Perfect Italiano na gamit ko XD

  5. Kya nga lalong sumarap ang fritata mo e hehehe :) can't wait to use mine.. Magluto kami ni d hehe :)

  6. one of the best things in the world is CHEEESE!!

  7. www.yedylicious.comNovember 04, 2012

    Oh, this is the event that I missed! Everything looks yummy (including Erwan teehee!)


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