January 5, 2013

Dusit Thani Thai Restaurant- Fresh and Authentic Thai Cuisine in Glorietta

I love Thai cuisine. My blog has been a proof of that fact way way back. But since it seems that I couldn't drag my family to Thai restaurants, I had to use all my convincing powers to make D appreciate Thai instead. Luckily, I succeeded and he has been my Thai food trip buddy ever since.

We were strolling around Glorietta one day and decided to try this Thai restaurant called Dusit Thani. It's hard to miss its location as most people strolling in Glorietta would surely pass by it every time. I've always wanted to try the place out, and luckily now, we got the chance. 

We tried their Thai Iced Tea while waiting for our orders. It was sweet and refreshing, however, I noticed that after a few sips, my glass was already half full. Blame it on the overly generous amount of crushed ice that was brimming on the edge of my glass. 

Catfish Salad (P180)

As starter, we ordered for their Catfish Salad which was beautifully garnished with green mangoes, leeks, onions and nuts. The catfish shreds were crisp and flavorful with the tangy and sweet sauce on it. 

Pad Thai Noodles Chicken (P170)

Our staple in Thai restaurants, Dusit Thani's Pad Thai was beyond expectations. It was mixed with generous amount of chicken, egg, nuts, sprouts and leeks. I enjoyed squeezing in some calamansi to enhance the flavors a bit, blending in a sweet and tangy combination. The noodles were also firm and chewy making it more pleasurable to eat. 

Bagoong Fried Rice (P160)

Another staple for our Thai food trips is Bagoong Fried Rice which D loves so much. Maybe this is the reason he learned to appreciate Thai cuisine. Dusit Thani's version is quite simple with egg, green mangoes, pork, cucumber and tomatoes on the side. I wasn't impressed though as the rice was lacking in bagoong flavor. 

Beef Panang Curry (P250)

The Beef Panang Curry is a delicious and rich curry seasoned with herbs and spices. D wasn't quite a fan as it was too spiced for him. As for me, it was pretty ok as the beef slices were very tender and the sauce went well with the bagoong rice.

Dusit Thani offers affordable Thai dishes that will surely fit your budget. Who knew that you can find delicious and budget friendly authentic Thai food in the heart of Glorietta mall in Makati. 

It's Beryllicious Top Picks:
Catfish Salad
Pad Thai Noodles


  1. u8mypinkcookiesJanuary 05, 2013

    Wow! I always see this in Glorietta but never tried yet. 170php for Pad Thai isn't bad. I gotta go there soon.

  2. Great pictures as usual :)
    I hope you can visit my blog too, http://www.mariaatienza.weebly.com

  3. I love the beef curry it looks new and yummy to me.

  4. I always see this place but haven't tried it yet. Like you, I love Thai food too! :)

  5. i like thai food, as well, but vegetarian thai food.

  6. I'm a big fan of pad thai and I'd love to try their version! :)

  7. Helen gatbontonMay 13, 2014

    i never tried there,but looks yummy


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