March 12, 2013

Agico Vegetarian Cafe- Healthy Just Got Delicious in San Juan

I may not be a vegan or vegetarian but vegetarian restaurants interest me. Maybe because I find it challenging for a restaurant to offer vegetarian food items and be able to make it taste so good. Years back, the only vegetarian place I know is Bodhi and Quan Yin Chay where my mom usually buys dishes for a regular Chinese offering tradition. I was amazed on how they were able to make a sweet and sour pork dish to a vegetarian version. It was really good but sometimes I get tired of the same ingredient cooked in just different sauces. 

Now, with more people gearing towards a healthy lifestyle, some restaurants offer vegetarian selections and  there are even some vegetarian restaurants sprouting in the Metro. 

Agico Vegetarian Cafe is one of them. What's great about Agico is that they don't serve the usual Chinese vegetarian dishes I've been used to eating. Their extensive vegetarian menu has some of the classic favorites like sushi, grill, noodles and even burgers.

D and I went to visit Agico Cafe one night for a casual Saturdate. It surprises me how D learned to love different kinds of food which he was not even open to try before. He used to dislike Thai and Vegetarian food. Now, he loves Thai cuisine and I'm assuming he's now okay with vegetarian dishes.

It was funny how D wasn't able to get the concept of Agico's menu. He was surprised when he saw Tonkatsu, bacon and beef on the list. He was like "Uy, cool a nagseserve pala sila dito ng tonkatsu kahit vegetarian place sila. Yun sa 'kin" (Cool, they are serving Tonkatsu even if they are a vegetarian place, I'll get that!). I had to explain to him that what he's getting would not be real pork. He changed his mind after.

We ordered for their Takoyaki (6 pcs/P158) which is a must-try appetizer. I love how soft and moist it is inside with a nice crunchy texture from the vegetarian floss sprinkled on top. The mayo dressing also added some hint of sweetness and creaminess to the balls. 

Gyoza Dumpling (P158)

Agico's Gyoza Dumpling was slightly toasted outside with juicy fillings of mushroom inside. A healthier alternative to the pork gyoza but equally tasty and delicious.

Philadelphia Torch Maki (P238)

I was looking forward to order the Philadelphia Torch Maki 'cause I wanna see the whole torching process. Sadly, we missed it as it was served to us "torched" already. I think the highlight of this maki is the generous serving of cream cheese on top making the dish creamy and tasty as well.

Tofu Steak (P186)

If you love tofu like me then ordering Agico's Tofu Steak is a must. Indulge in six large pieces of breaded tofu topped with mushrooms and bell peppers. Serving was really big that two pieces were already enough to satisfy my tofu craving.

Vegan Burger (P288)

Since we were in a meat free zone, D decided to go all in and ordered for the less confusing Vegan Burger. I took just one bite from his burger and immediately called dibs on the other half. I will definitely come back for this vegan burger made of mushroom burger patty, lettuce, cucumber and eggplant in tofu mayo dressing. A must-try!!

Agico Menu:

It's Beryllicious Top Picks:
Vegan Burger
Tofu Steak
Agico Vegetarian Cafe
83 Araullo St. San Juan
Tel Num: 705-1452


  1. fifi leighMarch 13, 2013

    all these dishes look good. if i ever visit the philippines, i now know where to go to eat. the vegan burger looks good, as well. vegetarian and vegan food has become very popular in southern california that most restaurant now have at least vegetarian dishes added to their menu. and they opened to vegan restaurants, one is vegan thai food, and other is vegan american food.

  2. Nice to know there are more vegetarian restos in the city now. I just hope they're located in more accessible areas din. =)

  3. I honestly think those posters would bother me if I ate there. Haha! Love the concept though. Tofu Steak looks really delicious.

  4. I want to try the Takoyaki! :)

  5. Sam DizonMay 07, 2014

    Wow your orders look great!! Glad to have read your reviews on the other items on the menu. I am definitely visiting this place again to try the other meals. I mostly ordered burgers (hehe) you can check them out here:

    Do you have commuting directions to this place?


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