October 11, 2013

Rockwell's 3rd Ultimate Taste Test Top Picks and Experience

Last month, D and I were able to attend the biggest food tasting event of the year- Rockwell's 3rd Ultimate Taste Test at the Rockwell Tent, Powerplant Mall.

We've always been a fan of these food tasting events, as we get to sample yummy and gastronomic treats to our heart's content. Plus, we get to discover new and interesting dishes and creations from the Metro's upcoming food business owners and entrepreneurs. 

It was truly a degustation of savory and sweet treats enjoyed by foodies of all ages. 

We went for the appetizers and main course first before indulging on the long list of desserts. 

The purveyors that topped our list: (in no particular order)

1. Yuan's Wings- Yuan's Original Chicken Wings

D and I love buffalo wings, and Yuan's Wings did not disappoint. What I love most about it was that it was perfectly crispy and cooked on the spot. I must say that they were generous with their serving too!  Their signature sauce was as described, sweet and tangy with a subtle kick of spice- Just the way I like it! 

2. Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs- Wagamama

I've tasted Schmidt's Wagamama several times, and consistent is the word to describe it. Same great taste, same soft buns, and same tender and juicy gourmet hotdogs topped with their signature Japanese curry dressing. 

3. Diplahan Lechon

There were two lechon purveyors that day but I was more hooked with Diplahan's juicy and flavorful lechon. It was already flavorful on its own that it doesn't need our favorite lechon sauce. Instead, they use vinegar to enhance the taste and flavors of the meat. 

4. Tu'Ka Gourmet Spiced Vinegar

How about some Tuka gourmet spiced vinegar to go along with that lechon? As for me, I enjoyed soaking the fish crackers they provided on my cup of vinegar. I regret not getting a bottle to take home for the family. I'll definitely get one soon. Talap!

5. Franchino's Food- Creamy Salmon Dill and Lemon Cookies 

Franchino's offerings may look simple, but these are definitely something I'd enjoy munching at home or at work. I liked the soft and chewy lemon cookies, but the creamy salmon dill spread exceptionally stood out for me. 

Moving on with the desserts, surprisingly, not one was below mediocre for the hungry crowd. Although almost all desserts were pretty okay, some really deserve the attention and recognition. 

6. Uni-Chefs Catering & Events- Ube Macapuno Cake

First on the list is Uni-Chefs' Ube Macapuno Cake. Simply divine! It has the perfect texture that's soft, moist and fluffy. It was not too sweet, but the distinct ube and macapuno flavor really stood out. 

7. Ruby Red Kitchen- The Original Monkey Bread

Speaking of soft, moist and fluffy, this Monkey Bread from Ruby Red Kitchen also has these characteristics. Plus points for the fact that it was served warm out of the oven. Yes, the pull-apart treat was definitely gooey, chewy, sweet and tasty. 

8. The Noodle Bakes- Garth Vader and Tosi

Quite a number of cupcake participants vying for a top spot, but The Noodle Bakes' Tosi and Garth Vader top my list. Each creation was moist and perfectly executed, not to mention the unique and quirky names for their cupcakes. 

9. Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream- Basil Ice Cream

Jack Frost offered a number of premium ice cream flavors that day, but it was the Basil ice cream everyone was raving about. One would raise an eyebrow to the idea of herb in ice cream, but trust me it works! For the non-adventurers, their best-selling nuts and roses and cheesecake line still delighted everyone's palate. I'll be sure to get more of that Basil ice cream from Jack Frost. 

10. Catherine's Cakes & Pies-  Apple Pie

A simple but perfect apple pie served ala mode. Crisp and flaky crust, tender and sweet spiced apples and caramel sauce, crumbly streusel topping= the perfect apple pie recipe. 

11. Malagos Chocolate- Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate and Malagos Chocolate Drink

We saved the best for last with Malagos dark chocolate and chocolate drink. A nice bitter-sweet contrast from all the sweet treats we tried. 

12. Cinq Dessert Boutique- Ligaya Dayap Tart and Aurore Chocolate Tart

Other participants we liked:

Flavor Avenue- Bagnet Paella

Butter Nuggets- Chicken and Bacon Ravioli with Tomato and Cheese

The Plaza Premium Baked Ham- Hamwich 

The Sultry Chef- Sultry Roast Beef 

General's LechonGarlic Lechon

Had to wait for hours since they ran out of samples.. nevertheless, it was worth it :) 

GoldenducK's Premium Meat ProductsGoldenducK's Premium Burgers & GoldenducK's Sisig

The Juice Barista- King Kong Apple Pie 

Bronuts- Belgian Choco, Cream Cheese & Bacon, Blueberries & Cream Bronuts

The Bronuts guys generously gave us a full sample of their cronuts. We tried the savory cream cheese & bacon that spells breakfast, and the sweet and tasty blueberries & cream. It was actually good but sooo sinful!

The V DeliVeggie Sisig Shawarma

I am all for the healthy and vegetarian dishes , but if it's sisig, might as well go for the real one.

Dennis the Grill BoyCrispy Pork Sisig

Blue Toque- Ensaimada w/ Special Cheese Topping

Everyday Mom- Black and White Cupcake 

F.A.T CupcakeOgre and Mad Hatter Cupcakes

House of Macaroons and Sugarhouse- Coconut & Custard Macaroons and Creampuffs

Other participants during the ultimate Taste Test:

Curry Bar- Curry Balls

Shifu Master's Kitchen- Pata Bihon

Big Jack's Rice Surprise- Rice Surprise

Pocket Pies- Smores Pie

Munchester Yum- S'mores Pancake Cookie & Red Velvet Pancake Cookies

Jameson's Gelato Manufacturing- Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Cookies & Cream Gelato

Cream of the CropSulu Coffee with Salted Muscovado Swirl, Malunggay with Langka, Spicy Tablea, Salabat w/ Calamansi

Katie's Muffin- Assorted Muffins

Moshi Moshi- Louie's Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cakeworks- Peanut Butter Oreo Dip

Shmallows- Marshmallow Spread

AMY'S Fruits & Vegetables CakesChoco Ampalaya Delight Cake & Almond Pumpkin Melt Cake

Bite Contemporary Cuisine by Chef Jam MelchorTruffled Tuna Crudo & Burrito Taquitos Roll

Bad Decisions Premium Burgers and Drinks Joint- The Patriot

Everything with Soya- Chocolate, Melon, Strawberry, Original Soya Pudding

We certainly enjoyed our 2nd ultimate taste test experience! It was a fun-filled event with great food and exciting games and activities. Congratulations to the Ultimate Taste Test organizers and to Mr. Anton Diaz for another successful year. See you all again! :)

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