February 4, 2014

Hanamaruken Ramen- Osaka's Bowl of Happiness in Trinoma

Looking for a new ramen place? There's one in Trinoma called Hanamaruken Ramen. It's actually famous in Japan with over 40 branches in Osaka. Their signature dish is a shoyu tonkotsu ramen topped with a dark, tender, and slow braised pork rib called "Happiness Ramen"

Signature Happiness Ramen (P480)- Tonkotsu/ Shoyu/ Slow-cooked Pork Rib

The reason for every diner's happiness and joy. It's what most customers come here for. The noodles were thin and the broth was light yet flavorful. The highlight of this ramen is the huge slab of pork rib that's slowly braised for hours to achieve that tender, aromatic and flavorful meat goodness. Truly a happiness in a bowl! 

Their menu is quite simple and straightforward, they serve ramen, rice bowls, sides and drinks.

During our visit, their gyoza and karaage were not available so we settled on their Edamame (P130) while waiting for our orders. 

A classic Japanese appetizer that's perfectly seasoned with salt and chili oil albeit oily. 

Pot Belly Ramen (P380)- Tonkotsu/ Shoyu/ Roasted Pork Belly

A lighter choice of ramen with very tender pork belly slices. The pork was not as flavorful as that from the Happiness Ramen, but it was softer and somewhat closer to a melts-in-your-mouth experience. 

Curry Tan Tan Mien (P320) -Tonkotsu/ Sesame Paste/ Curry

For a richer and creamier broth, try their version of Tan Tan Mien. It was not too creamy nor spicy giving a nice balance of flavors and nuttiness. 

Spicy Tobanjan Ramen (P300)- Tonkotsu/ Spicy Tobanjan Paste 

This was my least favorite as the meat was dry and less tender compared to the other ramen we tried. I love spicy food but I was just not a fan of the tobanjan broth with togarashi. 

Hanamaruken Ramen Menu:

After trying out 4 out of 6 ramen dishes at Hanamaruken, I'm still looking forward to trying out their Salary Man Ramen and Chasyu Ramen. I'd love to go back for their gyoza and rice bowls as well. Of course, we'd still order the ones we liked- Happiness Ramen and Pot Belly Ramen. You, what's your bowl of happiness from Hanamaruken? 

It's Beryllicious Picks:
Happiness Ramen
Pot Belly Ramen 

Hanamaruken Ramen
2/F Garden Restaurants Trinoma Mall, North Ave. EDSA, Quezon City
Tel Num: 720 9283, 628 1603
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/hanamarukenph

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  1. I'm curious. I haven't been to Trinoma for quite a long time. I should drop by soon. :)

  2. will try this soon

  3. Eddielli BungayJanuary 13, 2015

    I Haven't try ramen and this resto is one of my top list to try! But I think Ramen Nagi is way better! :)

  4. The pot belly ramen looks yummy! Another comfort food when the rainy season comes.

  5. Pau-pau AlagaoJune 17, 2015

    I miss Ramen X and I'm quite disappointed with the quantity and price of their ramen dishes. :(


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