July 15, 2014

The Buffet International Cuisine in Commonwealth

Who doesn't love buffets? Who doesn't want to enjoy unlimited servings of their favorite dishes for a fixed price? Who doesn't want eat-all-you-can concepts that allow them to eat to their heart's content? Coming from a family who loves to eat (a lot), I've had numerous visits to different buffets in the Metro. Whenever there's a family gathering, birthday or special occasion, it would either be in Chinese restaurants or buffets. 

I've tried Vikings, Buffet 101, King One, Banzai, The Food Club, Chinatown's Best, Sambokojin, Dad's World Buffet, Saisaki, Seoul Garden, Yakimix, Movie Stars Cafe, Alba, Primero Casa Filipino, Tong Yang.. and just recently, The Buffet International Cuisine added up to my list.

The Buffet International Cuisine located in Commonwealth used to be a Nissan showroom. The place is huge with chandeliers, grand staircase, and elegant decors. The dining area and buffet table is at the first level, while the second level is where the function rooms are.

Upon checking the buffet, I noticed there weren't as many food stations as compared to other eat-all-you-can restaurants. But, staple dishes and stations were there like sushi/sashimi, tempura, steak, noodles and dimsum, salads and appetizers, cheese and bread, pasta, pizza, yakiniku and teppayaki, barbecue and desserts. Plus, you can also have a hotpot experience on your table with their shabu-shabu station.

Yakiniku & Teppanyaki

Our favorite station of all. It's probably the highlight of The Buffet wherein chefs will do the cooking for you. You just get the marinated meats that you like and they'll cook it on the spot. There were a lot of choices but our favorites were Beef Bulgogi, Chicken Bulgogi, and Squid Curry.

Get some lettuce wraps from the Korean kimchi station and enjoy it with your freshly cooked bulgogi.


The barbecue station also has a lot of skewer choices like corn, hotdogs, meatballs, chicken, pork, intestines, liver etc.. Take note of your table number so they can just serve your order at the table. I enjoyed getting some mussels and added some cheese from the tacos/nachos station for some cheesy grilled mussels.


The steak station serves Beef Tenderloin during weekends and Roast Pork during weekdays. They have cajun potatoes and buttered vegetables for sidings and peppercorn and gravy for sauces.

Noodles & Dimsum

The Buffet serves Mongolian rice in the Noodles and Dimsum station. Choose from beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetable mongolian that will be freshly prepared and served at your table. 

The dimsum king D, immediately went to the dimsum station for some siomai feast. They have Pork Siomai, Japanese Siomai, Beef Siomai, Quail Egg Siomai and Chicken Feet. Though they weren't at par with his favorite dimsum places, taste was ok.


Select your pasta type, mix and match with sauces and toppings, and enjoy your pasta just the way you like it.

During weekend dinners, a cart roves around serving customers with some Baby Back Ribs

Sushi & Sashimi

Sorry to disappoint salmon sashimi lovers, but The Buffet doesn't serve your favorite sashimi.  For now, it's just tuna, squid, crabsticks and tamago. 

Since I don't eat salmon sashimi, I really didn't mind, and just focused on the array of maki rolls.


Another highlight of The Buffet is their shabu-shabu station where you can enjoy limitless hotpot selections like mixed balls, seafood, vegetables, and meat. They also have some tamarind so you can make your own sinigang.

Various sauces to complete your shabu-shabu experience.

Salad and Appetizers

As much as I love salads, I decided to skip this so as not to fill myself up with something I have been eating too much lately. Yes, I'm currently on "healthy mode" during weekdays, and weekends are cheat days! :) 

They also have bread baskets of ensaymada, cinnamon buns, muffins, banana bread and crackers complemented by some cheese and nuts. Aside from these, you can also find some pizza, baked oysters, nachos and tacos as appetizers. 

Of course, they also have pre-cooked dishes that change from time to time. During our visit, they have bopis, sweet and sour pork, mixed seafood, chicken, asado, tempura, baked fish, mi goreng, kare-kare and mixed vegetables.


Save room for more because here at The Buffet, desserts are aplenty. They have a Crepe and Waffle Station, with a Chocolate Fondue on the side.

A Halo-Halo, Ice Cream and Fruits station..

And lastly, the sweets and cakes station for some gummies, cakes, dessert shooters, brownies and bars. I enjoyed the White Brownies, Toffee Nut, Baked Cheesecake and Chocolate Roll. Too bad I missed getting the Brazo de Mercedes which some people say is really good. 

The Buffet Rates:

Friday night is acoustic night so diners are treated not only with great food but great music as well. 

The Buffet currently has 3 function rooms on the second floor perfect for events, parties and gatherings. What's great about booking your parties in The Buffet is that they don't charge for venue rental. You only need to pay for the food or catering services availed. 

It was another satisfying dinner buffet for me at The Buffet International Cuisine. I love the interiors and ambiance of the place, however, I think they need to improve on their air-conditioning system. Some were either not working or turned off during our visit. As for the food, I like the concept wherein dishes are freshly prepared and served on your table to ensure quality and freshness. Our only problem was that some dishes we ordered did not arrive. Serving juice drinks instead of sodas as a healthier alternative is also a plus. I found out that they serve fresh fruit shakes as well, but when I asked for it, the waiter said it is not available. The waitstaff and chefs were all friendly and smiling every time you call their attention. However, there are also times when we had to call the attention of the waitstaff several times for something we need. Overall, the experience was great and enjoyable. The only downside for us is its location. However, foodies from the north will definitely find The Buffet International Cuisine worth the visit. 

The Buffet International Cuisine
41 Commonwealth Ave. Diliman, Quezon City
Tel Num: 9668942

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  2. Last Month me and my fiancee celebrate our 2nd year anniversary and it was fabulous! the staffs are great and the food is very GOOD! Two thumbs up! We also serenade by the acoustic band.
    The price is very affordable. We really enjoy our Dinner Date! =)


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