March 20, 2015

Four Seasons Hotpot City- Hotpot Buffet at SM By The Bay Mall of Asia

There's a new hotpot buffet in town! Four Seasons Hotpot City is brought to us by the same group behind the famous all-you-can-eat restaurant Vikings. This time, shabu-shabu/hotpot takes center stage as guests are treated to a wide selection of soup base, fresh vegetables, high quality meat and seafood, noodles, drinks, desserts and more!

While Four Seasons highlights their vast selection of hotpot ingredients, guest can also enjoy a variety of ready-to-eat appetizers and pre-cooked dishes. 


Japanese Station- Sushi, Sashimi, Maki Rolls

Salmon, Tuna, Tamago, Kani, Ika, Maki Rolls
various sushi rolls

Bread Station- Baguettes and Ciabatta

Cold Cuts and Starters- smoked ham, smoked chicken, century egg, ngoyong roll, picked cucumber, deviled eggs, fresh spring rolls

Salad Station

I love the selection of appetizers. There were a lot of choices, yet sampling most of the items won't fill you up before the main highlight. I especially enjoyed the fresh spring rolls, deviled eggs, and cold cuts.

Hot Dishes

Now, let's move on to the hotpot selections. 
Soup Broth: Vegetable, Pork, Sinigang, Sibut (Chinese Herbal Soup)

Diners can choose 2 different soup base. We opted for the traditional half plain (vegetable) half pork broth and requested for some sate sauce to go with it. 

We started going around the stations to fill up our trays with our preferred ingredients. 


Beef and Chicken Station

Pork Station

Meat selections were endless, but I recommend going for their sliced beef and lamb. 


I also enjoyed the seafood station where we got to feast on unlimited servings of shrimp, squid, scallops, oysters, baby octopus and crab. They have frog legs too! 

squid, clams, scallops, shrimp, fish, oysters, octopus, sea cucumber


carrot noodles, chili noodles, squid ink noodles, polonchay noodles, HK noodles, hofan, macaroni

Four Seasons Hotpot City offers different kinds of interesting noodles. I regret not trying their squid ink noodles and chili noodles. 

Dumplings and Balls

Welcome to dumplings and balls city! The vast selection of mixed balls and assorted dumplings can be quite overwhelming to the point I felt like everything tasted the same. But there were still some variants that stood out. How I wish they would serve my favorite mozzarella and taro balls soon! :) 

tofu balls
fresh squid balls, shrimp and squid paste, fish balls, fresh chicken and meat balls, meat dumplings
assorted dumplings, fish cakes, stuffed balls


Vegetarians or healthy eaters will find their piece of heaven at the vegetable station. Fresh and crisp leafy greens, assorted mushrooms, and a whole lot more! 



These are just half of the drinks offered at Four Seasons. They have a lot of interesting juice flavors, tea, soda, and beer to choose from. 


Crepe Station

Chocolate Fountain and Kakanin

Fresh Fruits

Dessert Shooters

Ice Cream Station

Halo-Halo and Kakanin Station

Four Seasons Hotpot City Buffet Rates: 

I would say that Four Seasons' introductory rates are so worth it, so make sure to take advantage of their current rates now. Expect A LOT of food items so there's definitely something for everyone. Plus, They also have an ongoing birthday promo wherein the celebrant gets to eat for free on his/her birthdate or birthmonth. I'll definitely take advantage of this promo since my birthday is just around the corner. :) 

Four Seasons Hotpot City
Building E, By The Bay, Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City
Tel Num: 831-7777, 835-7777, 0998-988-1888, 0917-539-1888

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  1. Pag wala ng pila siguro the family will try this hehe. Nka ilan attempt na kami e... napunta tuloy kami sa 678, vikings, potts point etc hahaha

  2. sherry ann gole cruzMarch 20, 2015

    me and mom drink this because of risk of bone disease!

  3. jeng del rosarioMarch 21, 2015

    pakainnnnnnn ka naman berylle!!!! birthday na birthday mo eh!!!!!!!!! HBD girl! God Bless!

  4. Helen gatbontonMarch 22, 2015

    i love to eat grilled chicken leg

  5. Karole MandapMarch 22, 2015

    Oh ang tagal pa ng birthday ko, pero sana sa December may promo pa sila n ganito :) Thank you so much for this blog post ^^

  6. hihi thanks jeng!!! see you around! :)

  7. I like soup base, fresh vegetables, high quality meat and seafood, noodles, drinks, desserts and more. Having a time I will visit Four Seasons Hotpot City Buffet

  8. Full pack yumminies! HBD sis and more blessings to come. I am salivating now. Hahahaha

  9. I love hot pot so Four Seasons is definitely something I look forward to. And, it's good to know that it's from the same group that introduced Vikings. You'd know that food's going to be great.

  10. Thanks for posting this. Four seasons will be in my family's "buffet line-up". They don't serve fruit smoothies or shake here just like at Vikings? And do they sing to birthday celebrants?

  11. i love hot pot buffets! i love dumping all ingredients in and using my chopsticks to randomly fish out cooked stuff. it's like a lucky dip on every bite. hahaha!

  12. i love hot pot! never been to a buffet style before. i want some now

  13. I'm looking at all the food and all I can think about is how I want to be able to eat here. The food looks really good and what I wouldn't do to have some of it right now.

  14. Tiffany YongMarch 30, 2015

    When in a buffet, the first thing I take note of is the dessert and the cooked food (not just the raw food) and like you, I will get bite-size portion of everything!

  15. The selection is actually pretty good, especially the Chinese dishes, but aside from the sliced meat. they don't have other beef or pork dishes?

  16. The spread looks really good. I do frequent hotpot/steamboat restaurant and try to sample as much as i can....especially their desserts! :D

  17. It looks good! I am eyeing on the ice cream and halo halo. I dunno if I can still eat all that after the soup I am going to consume. :) -katrina centeno

  18. Definitely a must-see place for my family to visit. Yummy dishes and mouth-watering halo-halo.

  19. Kylie WennMarch 30, 2015

    You makes me wanna visit to this place, right now!~ The photos are awesome!

  20. This place gives you a lot of alternative on the food you can have. This post really makes me hungry and want to visit them.

  21. Oh my goodness! What a feast for the eyes and stomach. I love all the colorful small food items. Delicious!

  22. Khushboo MotiharMarch 31, 2015

    Love the spread. Wish I could sample each and everything :)

  23. Kareen LiezApril 03, 2015

    I like the way food is presented. It makes it even more mouth-watering!

  24. Lots of mouth-watering foods to choose from but do they serve exotic cuisine? -KarenT

  25. Melodenia VeraJune 08, 2015

    Mouth watering. I love hot pots. I will try this soon with my family. :)


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