March 1, 2015

Jack 'n Jill Cream-O Brownie Crunch Peanut Thins and Choco Chips for only P35!

Are you a certified Cream-Oholic? Jack 'N Jill, the makers of Cream-O comes out with their latest innovation for all Cream-Oholics out there! A unique take on the classic chocolate brownies that will surely capture the hearts of many. Introducing the new Cream-O Brownie Crunch- thin and crunchy brownie crisps available in two flavors: Peanut Thins and Choco Chips

Cream-O Brownie Crunch Choco Chips is perfect for those who want a chocolatey sweet and indulgent brownie crisp. Chocolate on chocolate? Why not? A redundancy in chocolate is always a good thing right? 

One pack consists of approximately 10 pcs thin and crunchy brownie squares. It's good to share with the whole family, or take it with you every where you go with its resealable pack.

Cream-O Brownie Crunch Peanut Thins if for those who want a nutty contrast to the sweet and decadent brownie crisp. I personally like this variant as I love everything with nuts on it. 

Cream-O Brownie Crunch is available in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide for only P35!!

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  1. cheekeegirlMarch 03, 2015

    I was quite hesitant to buy it because I thought it's just a few slices only with so thin serving. But I change my find reading this. Had to try one.

  2. Feng ManlapazMarch 10, 2015

    Your photos really look yummy! these is a must try...

  3. Haven't try this Cream-O brownie crunch I just wish they are as good as Brownies Unlimited..

  4. mercy grace delacruzMarch 12, 2015

    My daughter loves the Cream O Browny Crunch Choco Chips and I love the Peanut Thins. We both have sweet tooth. Thanks for sharing this..


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