August 8, 2015

Jack 'n Jill Nips Chocolate Bar- Make Everyday HaNIPS #HaNipsSaChocoBar

Since 1960s, Jack ‘n Jill had the nation and generations of Filipinos singing to its jingle while enjoying the famous candy-coated chocolate- NIPS. This year, the button-shaped chocolate delight is bringing snacking to a whole new level of fun and playfulness with the Nips Chocolate Bar.

Ever wondered what goes on in a bag of Nips? This time you will be charmed by the pop of Nips colors in Nips Chocolate Bar- colorful and crunchy Nips enveloped in delicious chocolate bar.

Nips Chocolate Bar is available in 14g and 42g bars.

Nips flavors:
Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Make every day haNips with Nips Chocolate Bar. Grab this new chocolate treat from Jack ‘n Jill Treats at leading supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide. 

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