September 18, 2015

Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant Tobanyaki & Kaminabe Dishes- SM Mega Fashion Hall

Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant is a casual dining spot at the 3rd level of SM Mega Fashion Hall. Amidst the aggressive restaurants around, Rosanjin remains as a humble restaurant serving classic Japanese comfort dishes. Just recently, they introduced their new specialties- Tobanyaki and Kaminabe


Tobanyaki is a Japanese traditional art of cooking wherein food is cooked in an earthenware called "toban"- a skillet or pot made from clay or aluminum alloy. Toban skillets features a new style teppanyaki that distributes heat equally and cooks ingredients fast and nicely. 

Australian Rib Eye (P380)

Juicy and tender beef steak seasoned with pepper, and served with tofu and three kinds of dipping sauce: steak sauce, wine-based sauce, and sour cream. Leave the cover as it locks in the flavors and maintains its juiciness without burning the meat. Cooking time is around 7-10 minutes.

Chicken Cheeseyaki (P280)

Tender chicken thighs served in a special sauce and cheese. The result was a rich tomato-based stew, made creamier with the addition of cheese cubes. 

Jumbo Scallop Butteryaki (P450)

Rosanjin prides to only using XL sizes for their scallops. The one served to us was indeed huge, but it looked different from their menu and other photos I saw online. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed the sweet, buttery and tender scallops. 


Kaminabe is another art of cooking that uses Japanese paper as its pot. It is magical how the paper does not get burnt even when placed over direct fire for a long period of time.

Sukiyaki Kaminabe (P380)

Rosanjin's sukiyaki is filled with tofu, mushroom, carrots, veggies, noodles and beef in a semi-sweet broth. Serving size is quite small given its price, but I appreciate the fact that it was still hot up to the last drop. Maybe they can add an egg to it and cut the beef slices thinner. 

Seafood Kaminabe (P400)

The seafood kaminabe on the other hand was filled with tofu, veggies, shrimp, scallop, and buri- a high quality fish in Japan, in a soy-based soup. There weren't too many seafood pieces, but I exceptionally liked the distinct seafood taste and aroma of the broth with a subtle kick of spice. 

Rosanjin also serves fresh fruit shakes (P120).

Pineapple shake, Mango shake, Green Tea Shake

Aside from these new specialties, Rosanjin also offers classic Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi, ramen, tonkatsu, donburi, tempura, appetizers and desserts.

We were able to try their Green Tea Pudding (P150) for dessert, but we found the texture a bit hard and rough to the palate. 

Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant menu:

In line with their 1st year anniversary, Rosanjin is offering their classic California Roll (worth P150) for only P1, in every order of one Tobanyaki or Kaminabe dish! 

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Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant
3F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong
Tel Num: 531-5300

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