June 27, 2017

4 Ways That Studying Abroad Can Change Your Life

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity that many young adults do not take advantage of in their lifetime. Reasons for this may include not wanting to leave the comfort of home or go far away from family and friends. Perhaps they are nervous about living in an environment where the culture is different, and language barrier is a concern. However, those who take the leap and choose to be adventurous and study abroad seldom regret doing so. Many times, they even choose to stay in the country in which they studied, get a job, marry, and have a family. Much to their family’s dismay, some never return back to their home country for more than a quick visit. This article will share how studying abroad can change one’s life.

Learn about yourself. 
You have probably heard of people taking trips or going on long retreats by themselves after a catastrophic life event. For example, Reese Witherspoon starred in the movie “Wild” where she hiked through mountains for weeks on end. Throughout the movie you watch her transform and find herself through reflection, challenges, turmoil, and triumph. The same is true for studying abroad. It is a challenge and can be scary. Arriving in a new country and finding your way to the university in which you are studying can be exhilarating albeit exhausting after traveling over night. It will seem exciting at first but after a few weeks in your new home, you may begin to miss your family and wonder why you signed up for something such as this. Over time, however, you will begin to appreciate the experience and you will begin to transform. Journaling is a great way to see this progression happen; maybe not in the moment, but when you can look back on this time in your life. 

Experience a world outside your own. 
Studying in an environment that you are not used to can be challenging but also open your eyes to a new way of learning and studying. Many countries have different requirements when it comes to education and this will be evident. For example, in the US, you are used to a 5 point grading scale between A-F. This may not be the same grading scale as other countries use. 

Learn new customs and traditions. 
The opportunity to live with a host family and learn about their customs, traditions, and live how they live is unique and something that many are glad they tried. While it can scary to live with a family that is not your own, you may feel more welcome and less home sick by living with a family as opposed to in a dorm. Plus, you can truly experience the culture as you will learn about their way of life. 

Maybe even learn a new language. 
If study in a country that is not of your native language, you will likely come home almost bilingual. The best way to learn another language is to immerse yourself in it and to use the language frequently. 

All of these reasons are truly astounding and studying abroad is bound to be a one in a lifetime experience. If you want to learn more about traveling, studying, or living abroad, be sure to check out travelfreak.net.

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