March 9, 2018

La Mère Poulard Manila- The Fluffiest French Omelette Souffle Now in SM Aura

La Mère Poulard opened its Manila branch early this year, to finally bring the famous and fluffy puff omelette souffle of Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France to the Philippines.

Founded in 1888 by couple Annette and Victor Poulard on the island of Mont Saint-Michel, La Mère Poulard is known for its signature puff omelette dish, as well as its copper cocotte and copper pan dishes.

Located at the ground level of SM Aura in BGC, the restaurant boasts of an open-kitchen which gives diners the opportunity to watch the chefs continuously whisk the eggs in traditional copper bowls- a practice that has always been part of La Mère Poulard's identity.

During its grand opening, guests were treated to an array of La Mère Poulard's best-selling dishes, made from the best locally sourced ingredients, and served in signature copper cocotte and pans.

Everyone also got a taste of La Mere Poulard's cookies and biscuits while waiting for the main event.

La Mère Poulard Chief Chef Gilles Geneaux, flew all the way from France to provide hands-on training for the chefs of La Mère Poulard Manila.

The secret to La Mère Poulard's ultra soft and airy puff omelettes lies in the time honored technique of whisking the eggs which Chef Gilles personally demonstrated. 

Here are some of the dishes we enjoyed during the launch:

Trying out the puff omelettes was quite an experience. I wouldn't rave about the flavor of the omelette per se, because basically, it is just an ordinary egg to begin with. But, what's special about La Mère Poulard's omelette souffle, is the skill and technique used to come up with its unique and exceptionally light and airy texture. I got to appreciate the effort in making it as fluffy as it is in France, and giving diners a one-of-a-kind, melts-in-your-mouth eggsperience.

Check out La Mère Poulard at the ground level of SM Aura, and try their famous puff omelettes and other signature dishes. 

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