February 27, 2012

Yen Yen 圓圓- Taiwan Street Food

Heard a lot of raves about Yen Yen from friends and relatives but it was only last week that we got to try it out. We often pass by this place along Granada St. but never really had the chance to stop and dine. Plus, it seems that parking is a challenge on weekends. 

Luckily, parking was not a problem for us on a Wednesday night. We entered the place with our voucher on hand. It includes 2 glasses of their Green Tea Iced Tea (P28/glass), 2 orders of Pork Chop Rice (P98) and an order of their Taiwan Sotanghon (P168) good for 2-3 persons.

The place was just a small area which can accommodate around 5-6 groups or 20-25 people. 

Their Green Iced Tea was surprisingly good. It was different from other iced tea we tried before. This one had a sharper green tea taste and flavor which I like. 

Then came the Pork Chop Rice which was smaller than I expected. I thought it was like Tasty's Pork Chop which was flat and crispy thin. This one wasn't. 

But taste wise, it didn't disappoint. I love how crispy the skin was yet leaving the meat so tender and juicy. A familiar taste hit me on the first bite. It was just like Ersao's Spicy Pork without the spice which was a favorite of mine during high school. Then I remembered that Ersao also serves specialties from Taiwan. So that explains the similarities in taste. The sweet and spicy sauce that came with it was also a perfect match. 

Last to be served was the Taiwan Sotanghon Noodles. Serving was really big and it looked so appetizing. The noodles were clear and glossy with mushroom toppings and assorted veggies. 

February 21, 2012

Torch Restaurant- Greenhills

First time we've visited Torch in Greenhills was December last year to celebrate our 1st year anniversary. Yes, this is a long overdue post which should have been published together with the Christmas Surprise post I blogged about here.

We've been meaning to try out this place but it seems that every time we plan to dine here, a new agenda comes along.

Finally, on our 1st year anniversary, he made it happen. 

The weather was quite chilly on the night of our visit but Torch's staff warmly welcomed us inside.

The place was neat and simple. Modern tables and chairs with a bar area in the corner of the room. Dimmed lights to set the mood for a more romantic dinner date. 

For the food, we had their Truffle Fries (P234.95) as a starter which was highly recommended by a lot of people.

I am not a huge fan of fries so this order was just what I expected it to be. Chunky slices of potato wedges that were a bit oily and soggy rather than crispy.

Their Buffalo Asian Chicken Wings (P324.95) on the other hand was a perfect bullseye. I could still remember the sweet glaze that coated each crispy wing perfectly, followed by a subtle kick of spice to balance out the flavors. 

February 17, 2012

❤❤❤ Valentine's at Oakroom- Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center ❤❤❤

It's the love month once again and just like any other couple, we also celebrate Valentine's day. 

This year we were lucky enough to celebrate it at Oakroom Restaurant in Oakwood, Pasig courtesy of OpenRice Philippines.

We were both delighted when we learned that our surprise dinner date would be in Oakroom. Last year, D surprised me with a fine-dining setup at his house with my favorite food in different restaurants. But we've never really celebrated Valentine's day in a fine-dining restaurant before. So we totally got excited and looked forward to this wonderful opportunity. 

Oakroom has specially created a Couples Only promo for that night which includes a three-course set menu with Kir Royale cocktails for P2,750++ per couple. Luckily for us, our bill was all settled even before our dinner started :)

The whole place was dimly lit with candles on each table for a more romantic and intimate ambiance.

We were led to our seats and a few minutes later, two people from Openrice welcomed us. Raiza, asked D to sign something outside the room and when they came back, D handed me a bouquet of red roses. Sweet!

Cocktails were first served to us followed by the complimentary basket of assorted bread and butter.

February 14, 2012

Bistro Casanova- Order-All-You-Can Italian Cuisine in Burgos Circle Fort

D and I got a voucher of an order-all-you-can Italian cuisine from Bistro Casanova. The promo was originally worth P1,800 and we were able to avail it for only P550 each. Great deal isn't it? 

I had a hard time looking for some reviews online about Bistro Casanova so we didn't quite know what to expect from the restaurant.

We finally found ourselves in front of the establishment which looked more like a bar than a restaurant. It was just a small area with bar tables and chairs outside. 

We went inside and saw that there were no other customers dining in. We were hoping that we wouldn't be disappointed this time 'cause both of us were really hungry and we already saved space on our tummies for some unlimited Italian food. 

February 5, 2012

RUB Ribs & BBQ- Tomas Morato

D and I are both avid fans of ribs and wings and so we headed to Tomas Morato to try out this small bbq place called RUB. 

The place was just a narrow 2-storey building painted in red and white. There were some tables and chairs placed outside to accommodate more customers during peak hours.

Upon entering the place, we noticed how small and limited the area for dining at the first level was. Good thing we got ourselves a seat upstairs which more or less can accommodate around 20 people.