June 27, 2013

Where To Eat in Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Haim Chicken Inato

One of the first and original chicken house in Puerto Princesa, Palawan is Haim Chicken Inato located in Balay Inato Pension along Manalo Extension. Since the House of Big Brother is also located along Manalo Extension, we decided to walk it out to Haim's. It's quite a long walk honestly, but the fine weather and secure environment makes it feel safe to walk around the area even at night. 

We finally arrived at Haim's and settled at one of the many gazebo structures where guests dine in. It has this round table with a lazy susan that reminds me of a Chinese restaurant. One may also dine in one of the several rectangular tables with hanging lamps above them. The open area was very spacious where one could just hang out and enjoy the night. 

Chicken Inato (wing) (P85)

June 25, 2013

Random Cravings: Alchemy French Macarons- Baking Magic

Suddenly craved for macarons. I'm missing this box of cute and colorful French macarons from Alchemy

They all looked yummy, it was so hard to choose one. Good thing, I got a box to take home. 

June 24, 2013

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka in Glorietta 4- Bonding Over Ramen ❤

I've been hearing positive reviews about Ramen Santouka and I'm just glad that my high school friends decided to have our reunion here and bond over hot bowls of ramen. 

Since there were 10 of us dining in, we reserved one of their VIP rooms for a more private and intimate dining experience. It has a minimum consumable amount of P3,000 and a time limit of 2 hours. The staff were kind enough to let us stay longer since no one reserved the next time slot. 

I ordered for their special Tokusen Toroniku Ramen (Small-P370, Medium-P430, Large-P490) which features an extremely valuable part of a whole pig- Roasted Pork Cheek

One may choose among Santouka's original ramen- Shio, Shoyu, Miso and Kara Miso

Gerry's Grill Press Release: What's New On The Menu

Gerry's Grill, the leading grill restaurant in the Philippines gives us more reasons to dine in with their new menu items. 

Starting off with a seafood version of their most famous dish, the Seafood Sisig (P225) will surely be enjoyed by everyone. Same sisig goodness less the guilt! 

Other must-try sizzling seafood dishes are the new Seafood Gambas (P225) and Sizzling Oriental Garlic Seafood (P215) that's sizzling with freshness and great taste. 

A classic Pinoy salad favorite, the Salted Egg Ensalada (P95) is just the perfect appetizer to kick start a sumptuous Filipino feast. 

Perfect for the rainy weather, the Corned Beef Nilaga (P305) is also a great alternative to Gerry's Nilagang Bulalo. 

Last but not the least, don't miss out on their new Spicy Chicken Wings (P225) that's crispy, juicy and a must-try to all spicy wings lover like me. 

For more details, check out www.gerrysgrill.com

June 22, 2013

Super Tuyo by Tongo's Foods- A Classic Filipino Favorite

"An average Filipino loves tuyo." That's what's in the mind of Mr. Gilberto Tongo when he came up with the idea of creating Super Tuyo. 

Super Tuyo is basically the Filipino-favorite salted dried herring mixed with a signature chili garlic sauce in oil. 

It comes in 3 exciting variants: Original, Famous Spicy, and Sweet & Spicy, all of which are made with a special secret sauce. 

When I received some jars of Super Tuyo last month, the first thing that came into my mind was to make a Tuyo Pasta just like what we had in Pino and Gayuma ni Maria

I love pasta with tuyo and so I decided to cook a simple dish using Super Tuyo Sweet and Spicy and some ingredients I could find in the kitchen.

June 20, 2013

3:15PM Philippines- Milk Tea in Tea Bags from Taiwan + Giveaway!!

Who here loves milk tea? I'm pretty sure most of you get their milk tea fixes from those milk tea shops that have been sprouting like mushrooms around the Metro. But for some busy people, buying those milk tea in packs and sachets from convenience stores or groceries are more than enough to satiate their milk tea cravings be it at work or at home. 

I have tried different brands of instant milk tea mixes before, but just last month, I've been introduced to a one of a kind milk tea drink that comes in tea bags- 3:15PM Milk Tea

3:15PM Milk Tea is a brand from Taiwan that makes milk tea from natural tea bags in the world. Their products are made with natural tea leaves and does not contain artificial flavorings.

3:15PM Philippines sent over their milk tea gift pack that includes 4 boxes of assorted flavors (Original, Roasted, Rose Fruity, Earl Grey) and a can of their Oolong Lavender Tea.

One box contains 6 individually packed tea bags that retails at P120. A very affordable price of P20 per cup! Quite a steal don't you think? 

June 18, 2013

Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream- Homemade Artisan Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Last month, we were invited to an ice cream tasting session at Jack Frost's headquarters. The man behind Jack Frost, Mr. Bonner Dytoc welcomed us in his humble home where he makes his wonderful ice cream creations. 

Jack Frost is a home-based business that has been around quite sometime. The brand is currently being offered in some restaurants around the Metro but hasn't gone mainstream yet. For now, their mode of distribution is through restaurants (YenYen, Lunchbox), City Delivery, Gilmore Wines & Spirits, and through pickups. 

The first flavor that they perfected and is currently one of their best-sellers is Basil. That's right, basil-flavored ice cream!

Who would have thought that Basil would be a great ice cream flavor? It is certainly my favorite from Jack Frost. What I love about this creation is that it's not your usual sweet treat that makes you get tired of the taste after some time. It has a distinct herb flavor that's fresh, minty and sweet.

June 11, 2013

Big Daddy Jay's All-American BBQ- The Best Smoked Barbecue Ribs in Town

All of you must have noticed that one of my favorite savory comfort food is buffalo wings. Be it fried, double fried, baked, sweet, spicy or super hot, it surely whets my appetite all the time. But another thing I haven't mentioned is my tender love for barbecue ribs. Yes, I love those fall-off-the-bones, sweet, savory, sticky and saucy fork-tender barbecue ribs. These two certainly are my favorite comfort food of all time. It seems like I just can't get enough of these savory and mouth-watering treat.

Imagine my excitement when we visited Big Daddy Jay's All American BBQ in Cubao for some good ol' barbecue- Southern-style

You probably are wondering what do I mean about Southern-style barbecue. Well, in the southern part of America, the traditional and famous way of cooking barbecue is by smoking it to produce a unique and smokey flavor to the meat. 

Here in our country, most restaurants, even my favorite restaurants for barbecue ribs skip that process and rely mainly on their classic barbecue sauce recipe or cooking method. Most just grill the ribs over fire and charcoal to produce that smoky flavor and aroma. But with Big Daddy Jay's, there's no room for shortcuts.. only low and slow 6-hour smoking process with their custom-built smoker. They fully understand that true barbecue starts with the smoke. 

Speaking of smoked, this Full Rack of Original Smoked Ribs (P790) right here is smoked and not burnt. 
The color was from the dry rub of herbs and spices to make the ribs extra flavorful both inside and out. Trust me, we left nothing of the top part of the ribs and I didn't taste a single burnt flavor. 

I wouldn't say that Big Daddy Jay's smoked barbecue is fall-off-the-bone, 'cause it seriously has no bones in it. It only has our favorite soft bones which were very easy to chew along with the fork-tender meat. 

The perfect texture and smoky taste of the ribs were due to the 6-hour smoking process, making the meat so tender and tasty. Another thing I love about it is that it has a minimal amount of fat yet the meat was still moist and juicy. 

A small container of their homemade barbecue sauce also comes with the ribs, but D found it unnecessary. For me though, since I love barbecue sauce on my ribs, I generously lathered my slab with their sweet and tangy sauce for a salty-sweet combination. 

June 10, 2013

Green Halo Crystal Bracelets & Gemstones By Monica Ocampo

I must admit, I am the kind of girl who prefers fancy accessories rather than those elegant and sophisticated looking jewelries. It's just that I find those expensive jewelries very fragile and I wouldn't want to wear something that will make me cautious all throughout the day. 

But just like food, there are days when I just want to try something new, yet affordable and readily available in the market. And then I was introduced to Green Halo- a brand that provides natural and real stones with the magical and powerful energy of Earth's greatest gift: CRYSTALS.

Green Halo is owned by Ms. Monica Ocampo who personally makes the fashionable crystal bracelets for her clients. She is one believer of the powerful energy that crystals bring into people's lives. Crystals are believed to posses spiritual and healing properties that improve oneself and his/her state of being. 

Different crystals have different purposes and healing characteristics. Each has its own power that gives balance and positive energy attractions to the environment. Some crystal powers promotes health and wellness, attracts luck and love, creates abundance and prosperity , increase mental capabilities and even as simple as relaxing the mind, body and soul. 

For me, since everything I can get from crystals are positive vibes and energy, I don't see anything wrong in believing in its powers. 

Each crystal bracelet from Green Halo comes with a short description of the stone and a small pouch. Last month, I was fortunately gifted with two crystal bracelets from Green Halo. 

First was an Aquamarine (P1200) bracelet which happens to be my birthstone. It came in a light and serene blue color that's cool and calming to the eyes. It was described as a stone of courage that brings confidence to the wearer. It encourages positive changes, improves intellect and unblocks confusion

June 5, 2013

Giveaway Alert- It'sBeryllicious x Naci Comfort Food Father's Day Buffet Special Giveaway!

Father's Day is fast approaching and I'm pretty sure most of you are already thinking on where to bring dad on his special day. It is the time of the year when restaurants get packed with families dining in to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

With this, as early as now, I suggest you plan ahead and book your reservations. No place in mind? I'll help you with that! :)

Naci Comfort Food in Fort Bonifacio is coming up with a Father's Day Buffet Special on June 14, 15, and 16 (Father's Day) for lunch and dinner. For some of you who's not yet familiar or haven't tried Naci, it is a fairly new restaurant in Fort that serves comfort food with a twist. Check out my previous review of Naci here.

And for their Father's Day buffet, they will be serving sumptuous dishes that will surely be enjoyed by the whole family.

The buffet will feature their specialty Peruvian Chicken Rice which is slow-cooked baked rice w/ chicken chunks, capsicums topped with aioli. It is a play between risotto and paella texture, with creamy and tasty flavors. 

Other dishes included in the buffet are Glazed Chicken Wings-my personal favorite from their appetizers, Creamy Lengua, Fish Fillet ala Naci, Garlic Rosemary Chicken and two special dishes-Pasta Arrabbiata and Crown Roasted Pork w/ Stuffing

June 4, 2013

GirlStuff Forever Nail Polish- Playing Around w/ Nail Art Designs

Although most of my blog posts are food related, I don't limit my writing to one particular category. It's just that most of my free time, I find myself in restaurants eating rather than in malls shopping. Even with my family during Sundays, we just go out and eat, if not doing some groceries which happens to be food related too.

Last month, I got some GirlStuff Nail Polishes, and believe it or not, I was pretty excited to try them out. Yes, I have a kikay side too :) I immediately remembered my sister in China who loves doing her nails and experimenting some nail art designs. Check out her nail art creations here

Nail polishes in China are incredibly cheap! But the major problem is that these products tend to leave your nails yellowish and dull.

Girlstuff Nail Polishes are made in France so you are assured of the quality of their products. Plus, they are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Di-butyl Phthalate- three (3) harmful chemicals that are mostly found in nail polishes which damage and cause our nails to yellow. 

Girlstuff Nail Polish is non-toxic and safe to use especially for kids. They even came out with Girlstuff Washable Nail Polish (P99.75) which is water-based, thus can be easily removed with just soap and water. Colors available are: Red, Fuschia, Baby Pink and Purple

Their regular nail polish has over 40 shades to choose from. I got Joanne (P149.75) from their Holiday CollectionFlirt (P149.75) from their Red CollectionJade (P99.75) from their Pastel Collection and Twilight (P99.75) from their Basic Collection. 

Bring Back Nostalgic Memories with Zest-O Slice Fruit Juice Drinks

Zest-O juice drinks probably have been part of everybody's childhood. I am a Zest-O kid by heart and it is probably one of the juice drinks I consumed most as a child. We drank Zest-O at home, in school, and honestly, it was one of the things I look forward to seeing in loot bags whenever I attend birthday parties.

Like most of you, I also have fun memories with Zest-O while growing up. I remember trying to punch the straw into the top part of the doypacks only to end up bending the straw and punching it into the bottom part instead. I also love putting the drinks into the freezer and make a slushie out of it. I would also play around with the empty packs by blowing air into it pretending that it's still full, and handing it out to my siblings afterwards. :) Those were the days..   

With their tagline "Growing With You, Growing For You", Zest-O still continues to be part of our lives. 

Just recently, Zest-O proudly launched its newest product called Zest-O SLICE fruit juice drinks. Zest-O SLICE is a fruit juice beverage that brings nostalgic memories of your childhood into a delightful drink that fits your modern lifestyle. 

June 1, 2013

Village Tavern Comes Up With New Dishes for their Anniversary- Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

To celebrate Village Tavern's 1st Year Anniversary, Chef Josh Boutwood, corporate chef of The Bistro Group came up with new and interesting dishes on their menu. 

First on the list is an appetizer of Crispy Clams w/ Spicy Lemon Dip (P375)- crunchy niblets of baby clams served with a spicy lemon dip

The clams may be small in size but I love this appetizer to bits. It was well-seasoned and tasty as I enjoyed munching on these perfectly crispy baby clams. It was good on its own even without the spicy lemon dip, but if you are a spicy lover, then dabbing a little of that creamy sauce is suggested. Best to squeeze out some lemons too. 

Next on the list is the Roasted Bone Marrow  (P295)served with toasted sourdough bread slices and apple cider vinegar dip