November 29, 2012

Yabu House of Katsu Finally Opens in SM Mall of Asia + Giveaway

Imagine my excitement when this came in the mail earlier this month- An invite to Yabu's grand opening at their newest branch in SM Mall of Asia.

I just can't wait to be one of the first few guests to try their new katsu dishes crafted exclusively by Katsu Master Kazuya Takeda

By the time I arrived at the venue, few guests were already enjoying their snacks and cocktails as they  were all thrilled on what Yabu has to offer that night.

Soon enough, the ribbon cutting commenced, and the doors of Yabu Mall of Asia has finally opened to the hungry attendees. 

We were welcomed by all the servers as the black curtains unfold the brightly lit room behind it. They were all smiles as they shouted a welcome greeting in Japanese with such enthusiasm in their voices. 

November 27, 2012

Ayala Triangle Gardens Christmas Lights and Sounds Show

Have a bright and beautiful experience at the Ayala Triangle Gardens this Christmas Season!

We were able to witness this amazing event and the place was packed with people admiring the symphony of sounds and fantastic display of colorful lights.

It was so beautiful that everyone in the area stopped for a while to admire the wonderful sight. 

Catch the spectacular Lights and Sounds Show at Ayala Triangle Gardens starting Nov 16- Dec 30 every 30 mins. from 6:00pm-9:00pm.  

November 26, 2012

Kichitora of Tokyo- A New Authentic Japanese Ramen Place in SM Megamall

After attending Chalife Milk Tea's launch at Nail It Salon last week, we met up with D in SM Megamall and decided to have dinner at this newly opened Japanese ramen place owned by his former schoolmate Mr. Larson Chan.

Kichitora of Tokyo is located in SM Megamall Atrium right in front of Yabu: House of Katsu.

Mr. Larson enthusiastically welcomed us as he thoroughly explained their menu and recommended some of their specialties. We were told that Kichitora actually means "lucky tiger" which explains the tiger prints on the walls. On the right side of the restaurant is their open kitchen wherein diners could get a sight of Japanese chefs preparing the orders.

They were still on soft opening when we visited, but quite a number of guest were already dining in on a Thursday night.

We ordered for their Set Menu which includes a bowl of their signature Paitan (white soup) Chicken Ramen + Gyoza.

Gyoza (P150/5 pcs.)

I must say that this is one of the best gyozas I've tried aside from the ones we had in Kokoro Ramenya. We were told that their Gyoza were machine made and so the meat fillings were uniform in size. It also gave the dumplings a nice toasted covering yet making the meat filling moist and oozing with juices inside. Just add a little more soup inside and it could pass as a pan-fried xaio long bao gyoza.

Paitan (White Soup) Chicken Ramen (P360)

November 24, 2012

MoMo Cafe House Specialties in Ayala Triangle Gardens

Last week, D and I decided to use our 1k worth of House Specialties from MoMo Cafe in Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati

It was a perfect timing since that day marks the start of Ayala Triangle Garden's spectacular Lights and Sounds Show. The who garden was packed with media and people capturing this wonderful sight. 

As the show finished, we headed over to Momo Cafe for dinner. It was a busy night and due to their limited seating capacity, we had to wait for an hour before we were accommodated. 

Finally, we were ushered to our seats and were served with some complimentary bread with cheese pimiento spread. 

It didn't take a while before our orders were served that the small table we got was literally full of huge plates.

Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserole & Rice (P395)- crab meat, mixed seafood, double smoked bacon chunks, MOMO's special seafood cream, corn, peas and carrots, Hollandaise

November 23, 2012

ANG MO KIO - Singaporean Hawker Cuisine at The Podium

Ang Mo Kio is a district in Singapore known for its gastronomic finds like hawker food stalls and other gustatory treats. Every time I think of hawker food, the first thing that comes into my mind is Singapore. 

I just love the diversity of Singaporean cuisine that plays around with other Asian fares. It gives me the feeling of an Asian food adventure around Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philippines and China in just one destination- Singapore. 

But did you know that we also have an Ang Mo Kio in the Philippines? Located at the 3rd floor of Podium Mall in Ortigas, this Singaporean Hawker Cuisine promises a "True Authentic Singaporean Cuisine" like no other. 

Roti Prata (P50/piece)

A great starter would be this light, fluffy and flaky flat bread served with curry sauce as a perfect complement. 

Chicken Satay (P35/stick, minimum of 3 sticks)

November 21, 2012

Gerry's Grill Offers Pinoy Condiment- BAGOONG (Shrimp Paste)

Popular restaurant Gerry’s Grill has expanded its menu offers, adding favorite Pinoy condiment Bagoong (shrimp paste) in bottles to its roster of take-home goodies.  

Available in regular and spicy flavors, Gerry’s Bagoong is set to perk up local dishes savored at home such as Kare-Kare, Green Mango Salad, and grilled dishes.  

Now, I am excited to avail one to make my favorite Bagoong Rice :)

Gerry's Grill Bagoong is available in selected Kusina ng Gerry’s and Gerry’s Grill outlets
For more information log on to

November 19, 2012

TeaTap Cafe in San Juan- Teapresso Bubble Milk Tea "Keep Calm and Drink Tea"

Whenever we are in Wilson area and have nothing in mind on where to have dinner or light snacks, our default go-to place would be TeaTap Cafe. Unless, of course, we want to try something new around the area where numerous restaurants have been sprouting like mushrooms.

TeaTap Cafe may be one of the many who joined the milk tea bandwagon in our country but what sets them apart is that they also serve food and snacks such as pasta, burgers, rice bowls and appetizer favorites on their menu. 

I love the casual and laid back feel of the place creating a conducive atmosphere for study, work or simple chitchats with friends. 

First, let me start with their drinks. Choose from TeaTap's wide selection of milk teas which I had a hard time choosing 'cause everything seems great. 

Since D and I are both fans of taro from Quickly, we decided to try TeaTap's Taro Milk with Egg Pudding (tall-P95/grande-P105). We also asked for their bestseller the Hokkaido Black Milk Tea (tall-P95/grande-P105) as recommended by the cashier. 

November 16, 2012

Lombardi's Authentic Italian Goodness- Robinson's Magnolia

Just recently, The Foodies Circle were invited for an Italian food tasting at Lombardi's newest branch in Robinson's Magnolia. I just couldn't say no as Italian cuisine used to be my favorite back when I was a child. As much as I wanted to stay away from this carb-loading cuisine, it seems that it still has a soft spot in my heart. 

Located in the second floor al fresco area, the restaurant exudes this casual and laid back ambiance with dainty interiors and wooden walls for its open kitchen. 

We were initially served with complimentary bread and a glass of wine while waiting for our orders. 


Carpaccio Di Tonno (P390)- tuna, lemon, arugula, cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil

Press Release: Chef’s Noodle Holds Special Photoshoot Feat. The Semerad Twins and Down to Mars

The country’s first inter-pop group, Down to Mars joins the Semerad twins in supporting Chef’s Noodle, the latest Korean restaurant franchise to open in the Philippines.
From left (standing): Kenji Chua, Sky Young, Kiro Rivera, Daisuke Hagihara, Yheen Valero, Jang Amparna
From left (seated): Jeongwon Song, Anthony Semerad, Chef’s Noodle 

President Mr. Patrick Simisim and David Semerad

Chef’s Noodle
2nd floor, University Mall, Taft Avenue, Manila
7089520 / 4050129
G/F Atlanta Center, Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan
2340266 / 2340840

November 13, 2012

Ba-Be-Q Korean Charcoal Grill- Street-Style Korean Barbecue in A.Venue Mall, Makati

Recently tried this new Korean Charcoal Grill Restaurant in A.Venue Mall, Makati called Ba-Be-QBa-Be-Q is a month old Korean grill house that specializes in Korean grill favorites that suits the Filipino taste. With just more than a month of operations, it already gained a number of loyal customers and fans who keeps coming back for their barbecue specialties.  

What makes Ba-Be-Q different from other Korean restaurants is that they specializes in barbecue alone and most of the food items in their menu are for grilling and freshly served on your table.

November 5, 2012

Yellow Cab's Christmas Fleet is Coming Your Way

Yellow Cab has always been part of my life since my high school days. I remember eating Yellow Cab Pizza in school every time someone celebrates his/her birthday. It's like a birthday is incomplete without ordering some boxes of their famous 18-inch pizza- crisscut. 

Fast forward to college, one special moment with Yellow Cab was when D and I finished a whole 10-inch pizza and one order of our favorite Charlie Chan. Yes, we were gluttons back then.. 

For me, Yellow Cab has always been characterized by happiness and joy. It was always about celebrations and gatherings be it big or small.

And since Christmas is just around the corner, Yellow Cab decided to bring us their Christmas Fleet to make our holiday celebrations extra special. 

This promo will run until Januaray 15, 2013 so better join the Christmas Fleet journey with Yellow Cab now!

What's great about this promo is the option to choose between different packages good for 5 and good for 10 persons. 

The Christmas Fleet A Good for 5 Package includes:
  • 1 14-inch Pizza (Choose from BBQ Chicken, Four Seasons or Manhattan Meat Lovers)
  • 2 sets of Pasta ( Charlie Chan, Chicken Alfredo or Spaghetti with Meatballs)
  • 2 cans of Serendipity (or any ice cream flavor of your choice)
  • 1 pitcher of Coca-Cola (dine-in) or 1.5L Coca-Cola (takeout/delivery)
The Christmas Fleet B Good for 5 Package includes: 
  • 1 14-inch Pizza (Choose from BBQ Chicken, Four Seasons or Manhattan Meat Lovers)
  • 1 Fleet Starters ( Hot Wings, Potato Wedges and Tortilla Chips)
  • 2 cans of Serendipity (or any ice cream flavor of your choice)
  • 1 pitcher of Coca-Cola (dine-in) or 1.5L Coca-Cola (takeout/delivery)

My New Favorite Pizza from Yellow Cab- BBQ Chicken

Press Release: Giving Back is Easy with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s 2013 Giving Journal

Sharing compassion, celebrating kindness, and finding joy in the act of giving.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® is once again rewarding its customers with the gift of making a difference with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®’s Giving Journal for 2013.

“As our initiatives continue to grow, and as part of our 10th year anniversary in the local market (and 50th around the globe), we’re happy to announce that beginning October 31, 2012, we’re going to start handing out stamp cards to bring people closer to giving back through the 2013 Giving Journal,” shares Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®.

A brand built on compassion, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® has long supported charities, foundations, schools, and other organizations in need. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®continues its support for the Real LIFE Foundation by dedicating proceeds from the Giving Journal to the organization.

 “What’s different this year is we’ve lowered the number of stamps to just twelve. This makes it easier for people to share the gift of giving, and be inspired to share in our passion for genuine kindness all throughout the year.”

The Giving Journal was made to celebrate the relationships the brand has built with their partner organizations and to raise awareness on the local advocacies The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® has been supporting over the years.

More than just a journal to write thoughts on, the Giving Journal has pages upon pages of great features centered on giving back. The 2013 Giving Journal has sheets that show moments where the brand has helped many of its loyal customers carve out their own way of kindness in the hearts of many, making it the perfect avenue for people to embark on a journey of giving.

Apart from sharing and celebrating the joy in giving back, this year’s Giving Journal is also packed with monthly coupons that are sure to bring smiles with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® treats—the brand’s simple way of expressing gratitude for joining in the cause.

Visit any of the 50 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores nationwide to get hold of the stamp card and start collecting opportunities to make lives merrier this season. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® 2013 Giving Journal—the perfect way to do your share in changing lives this coming 2013.

1. A minimum single-receipt purchase of any Original Ice Blended, Coffee-based, or Tea-based Beverage, or Frozen Swirl, qualifies you to get a stamp card. Each card consists of 12 stamp boxes, with corresponding drink assignments. These are as follows:
a. 1 Original Ice Blended (any flavor, regular or large)
b. 1 Espresso Drink
c. 1 Tea Latte (any flavor, regular or large)
d. 1 Red Velvet Hot Cocoa or Red Velvet Ice Blended (regular or large)
e. Any 8 Regular or Large Original Ice Blended, Coffee-based or Tea-based Beverages, or Frozen Swirl
2. Each purchase of the said product from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® entitles the bearer to a stamp on a corresponding box on the card.
3. Once all the 12 boxes have been stamped, the bearer can claim his Giving Journal by surrendering the accomplished card to any of our 50 stores all over the country, during which the cashier will punch a hole in the card to prevent reuse. 
4. Promo period is from October 31, 2012 to January 6, 2013.
5. Giving Journals may be claimed all throughout the promo period and until 60 days after the promo has ended.