November 19, 2012

TeaTap Cafe in San Juan- Teapresso Bubble Milk Tea "Keep Calm and Drink Tea"

Whenever we are in Wilson area and have nothing in mind on where to have dinner or light snacks, our default go-to place would be TeaTap Cafe. Unless, of course, we want to try something new around the area where numerous restaurants have been sprouting like mushrooms.

TeaTap Cafe may be one of the many who joined the milk tea bandwagon in our country but what sets them apart is that they also serve food and snacks such as pasta, burgers, rice bowls and appetizer favorites on their menu. 

I love the casual and laid back feel of the place creating a conducive atmosphere for study, work or simple chitchats with friends. 

First, let me start with their drinks. Choose from TeaTap's wide selection of milk teas which I had a hard time choosing 'cause everything seems great. 

Since D and I are both fans of taro from Quickly, we decided to try TeaTap's Taro Milk with Egg Pudding (tall-P95/grande-P105). We also asked for their bestseller the Hokkaido Black Milk Tea (tall-P95/grande-P105) as recommended by the cashier. 

Our default sweetness level for milk tea drinks is 50% and it was just right for me. Not too sweet yet milky and refreshingly cold.

I equally love both drinks as well as the grass jelly and egg pudding add ons.

Now for Green Tea lovers, I'd recommend their Matcha Milk Tea w/ Red Bean (tall-P95/grande-P105)

Compliment your cup of green tea milk tea with some red beans and you're in for a wonderful treat.

Now for non-miktea lovers, I suggest you try their Fruit Tea selections. My personal favorite? Lychee Fruit Tea (tall-P80/grande-P90) 

Since ordering milk tea makes me full most of the time, I often get fruit tea instead. I love how their fruit teas taste really bold with distinct fruit flavors. It has more of this fruity sweet taste rather sugary sweet too. 

Moving on with the food, have you ever had that feeling of browsing through a restaurant's menu and it seems like you wanna try every single thing you see? TeaTap Cafe gave me that giddy feeling as I browse through their food menu accompanied by mouth-drooling photos. 

Farmer's Gyoza (P120) 

These are pan-fried Japanese dumplings served with a special dipping sauce with sesame seeds. The moment it was served on our table we were like "Cute!" and no, not because it was physically beautiful but it was cute in size. It was undeniably small but good thing it tasted quite good.

Soy Garlic Wings (P160)

Next on the table was this small plate of Soy Garlic Wings. We were like "Not again..". This is probably the smallest wings I had been served so far. But, as the saying goes, "great things come in small packages". The wings were really flavorful and glazed in a sweet and savory soy garlic sauce. How I wish it was a lot bigger though.. I don't know of it was because of their supplier but I really hope they got bigger ones now. 

Takoyaki (P120)

A favorite Japanese treat of mine is Takoyaki as seen here, here, and here and TeaTap's version didn't disappoint. Their Takoyaki is actaully the same as the one we had in Kozui before. I love the bonito flakes on top and the drizzles of mayo and salty sweet sauce on it making it extra flavorful. Best eaten while it's hot when texture is soft, moist and delicate.

Curry Pork Rice (P190)

Curry Pork Rice is this dish of deep fried breaded pork cutlets served with rich and thick Japanese curry sauce with veggies over a steaming hot cup of rice. These are the times that I couldn't resist eating rice especially with the overflowing curry on top of it. 

Karaage Don (P190)

Deep fried chicken karaage with nori, bonito flakes, spring onion and sesame seeds on white rice. An unpretentious rice bowl of chicken karaage with a sweet teriyaki sauce. Feel free to ask for more sauce  if you want to just like we did. 

Bulgogi Rice Burger (P160)

During our recent visit, we were able to try their menu's latest addition which is this Bulgogi Rice Burger. A layer of toasted rice bun, followed by cucumber slices, lettuce with mayo, yummy bulgogi sauce then a 100% pure beef burger patty, and another layer of toasted rice to finish the whole ensemble of this mouthwatering Japanese rice burger. 

It took a while before this was served to us but it was certainly worth the wait. The burger was juicy and I love the sweet bulgogi sauce on it. Using toasted rice instead of the usual bun was also a great twist for this very filling burger.
TeaTap Menu:

It's Beryllicious Top Picks (Food) :
Soy Garlic Wings (except for the size) 
Bulgogi Rice Burger
Curry Pork Rice 

It's Beryllicious Top Picks (Drinks):
Hokkaido Milk Tea
Taro Milk Tea
Lychee Fruit Tea

TeaTap Cafe
P. Guevarra St. corner Wilson St. San Juan
Contact Number: 6617731
Facebook Page:


  1. Ok kaya yung Cheese Mousse nila? I want to try the Takoyaki! :)

  2. Not Worth EatNovember 28, 2012

    Hi Berylle! I'm so sorry to say that I have a completely different view on this restaurant. I think you've read my entry on this place na? Sana they improve.


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