November 12, 2021

Experience The Golden Holidays with The New Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream

Do you still remember your favorite childhood ice cream? I sure do! I still remember going to our favorite ice cream house on weekends to enjoy some ice cream sundaes, splits and parfaits. I can also remember buying some cool ice popsicles whenever a roving ice cream vendor passes by. Recess in school also includes a trip to the canteen for some scoops of our favorite ice cream flavors. What all these have in common? They are all golden moments with Magnolia ice cream!

Since 1925, Magnolia has been creating some of our fondest memories with ice cream. Now, the leading ice cream brand celebrates the arrival of the New Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream that will truly make these moments even more special.

The New Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream is now made better and creamier with fresh carabao's milk, and is certified pure with no artificial flavors. You can expect only the richest and creamiest ice cream moment with every scoop of the new Magnolia Gold Label ice cream. 

Last October, Magnolia launched their Gold Label series through a reveal party hosted by chef and restaurateurs Marvin Agustin and Happy Ongpauco-Tiu. The event was joined by the country's top celebrities like Alden Richards, Megan Young, and Olympic Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz, who each shared their own golden moments with Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream.