April 28, 2011

Market Cafe - Hyatt Hotel and Casino

Another deal we got from Deal Grocer was the Market Cafe Buffet for only P995 per person. We've recently tried some hotel buffets like Spirals, Circles and Cafe Ilang-Ilang and thought that this was worth a try especially with that great deal of a price. Regular buffet rate is at 1600++ and so I immediately purchased the voucher without thinking twice.

Unlimited beer and soda

Plus, their buffet includes free-flowing drinks of beer or sodas which was definitely an added factor.

April 27, 2011

Bistro Better- Could get any Better?

We availed of Couppie's Bistro Better Comfort Food for Two for P240 valued at P400. The "Big Servings" description caught my attention and thought that I would regret it if we pass on this great deal.

And so I made a reservation for 8:00pm. We were caught up in traffic and I forgot to print out the coupon so I informed them that we will be running a bit late.

The place was not what I expected. It looked like a small office converted into a mini dining area.

Dining Area
Dining Area

April 19, 2011

Borough- New York Comfort Food

We decided to have our lunch at Borough using the Deal Grocer coupon that was already near expiration. It was also a perfect place since it was just a walk away from my office.

The deal features Borough’s scrumptious Buffalo WingsAll-Beef Cheeseburger and Mom’s Milk & Cookies Dessert. 

Borough is located inside Podium beside Gloria Maris. We were taken to our seats and noticed that most of the diners were young professionals. The atmosphere was comforting and cozy with its dimmed lights. We showed our coupon and the waitress politely asked for an id. Another smooth and hassle-free transaction from Deal Grocer. 

Bar Area

April 15, 2011

The Establishment -Anniversary Degustation of 14 Signature Dishes

We reserved a table for two at The Establishment, an upscale restaurant at The Fort, boasting its opulent oasis of high style, cutting-edge cuisine, and luxurious service. The Establishment currently has 3 dining areas:

The Crystal Room- a French-inspired dining area with elegant interiors and sophisticated decors

The Hall- a zen-inspired bar with dimmed lighting, a stage for their performers and comfortable seats.
The Tulipan- an intimate and private lounge with cozy ambiance great for an after night cocktails.

Normally, we would not be seen eating in this kind of restaurant without an occasion. But because our coupon from Deal Grocer was about to expire this March, we decided to use it that day.

In celebration with it's Anniversary month, The Establishment came up with their Special Degustation of their 14 signature dishes.
  1. Salmon Tartare. Slithers of fresh salmon and chopped hard-boiled egg atop a crostini.
  2. Pan Seared Foie Gras & Sweet Miso Glaze. Soft, decadent foie gras drizzled with a savory - sweet miso sauce, topped with flavorsome mushrooms.
  3. Golden Camembert. Deep fried panko-crusted chunk of nutty Camembert perfectly contrasted with a sweet raspberry puree.
  4. Avocado Salmon Salsa Roll. An inventive Salmon roll infused with avocado and herbed salsa.
  5. Spicy Tuna Roll Topped with Mango. Fresh spiced tuna roll garnished with torched mango cubes.
  6. Prawn Tempura Roll. Classic ebi tempura roll, just as we like it.
  7. Oriental Chicken Salad. Lightly dressed lettuce topped with grilled chicken strips and refreshing orange wedges.
  8. Warm Goat Cheese & Roquette Salad.Creamy warm goat cheese nestled atop arugula and lettuce leaves.
  9. Tofu Tempura with Mixed Mushrooms. Fried tofu topped with soy-glazed enoki and shiitake mushrooms.
  10. Green tea crusted Australian lamb chops. Tender lamb fillet crusted with dried green tea.
  11. Pan Seared US Angus Beef with Lychee Truffle Sauce. Excellently cooked beef medallion topped with sweet lychee segments drizzled with truffle sauce.
  12. Hainanese Salmon with Teppanyaki Rice. Perfectly cooked salmon fillet topped with hainanese spices, on a dome of delectable Japanese teppan rice.
  13. Chocolate Bette Noir. Rich, moist flourless chocolate cake.
  14. Pistachio Jaleu de Lupe. 21-layered crepe cake garnished with pistachios.
 Deal Grocer was able to describe each dish perfectly.