April 28, 2011

Market Cafe - Hyatt Hotel and Casino

Another deal we got from Deal Grocer was the Market Cafe Buffet for only P995 per person. We've recently tried some hotel buffets like Spirals, Circles and Cafe Ilang-Ilang and thought that this was worth a try especially with that great deal of a price. Regular buffet rate is at 1600++ and so I immediately purchased the voucher without thinking twice.

Unlimited beer and soda

Plus, their buffet includes free-flowing drinks of beer or sodas which was definitely an added factor.

The process for Deal Grocer was very smooth and hassle-free from the time we made a reservation, to the time we finished our dinner.*cheers to Deal Grocer Team! *

Salad Bar
We started off with their salad section that has fresh and crisp greens. There were also fruit toppings such as grapes, pineapples, cherry tomatoes, raisins, longgans and dried mangoes. Other toppings were sliced cucumber, bacon bits, Parmesan cheese, potato marbles, string beans. They have a wide range of dressing selections such as blue cheese, yogurt-citrus, Caesar, thousand island, balsamic vinaigrette,  pommery mustard, and red wine & oil dressing. They also have parma ham and salami which are perfect with their toasted baguettes, rye, and wheat breads with pesto dip and various cheese.

various dressings for the salad
Customized Salad
toasted breads
Bread Selections

We then moved on to their Japanese selections. They have limited kinds of sushi compared with other hotel buffets but each was equally good. The slices were thick and flavorful. They have california maki, tuna nigiri, salmon nigiri, kani maki, salmon maki and tuna norimaki, inari sushi which is japanese sticky rice filled in deep fried tofu bags. They also have raw oysters which you may request them to bake for you.

They have mixed tempura selections like shrimp tempura, crabstick tempura, vegetable tempura, and fish tempura. You have to be fast though for their shrimp tempura always ran out fast. We have to wait for around 15 mins. before we got ourselves some.

The tempura batter was crispy since we got ours freshly cooked. But their shrimps were not that big that the tempura skin made me feel full by the time I got on to my 3rd piece.

Ebi Tempura w/ tempura sauce

For their soup, they have  miso or you may ask them to make a sukiyaki or ramen for you. Since we didn't want to be full so early, we opted for the miso.

They have different ingredients which you can put on your miso like tofu, dried seaweeds, wakame seaweeds, scallions, mushrooms and ginger.

Miso Soup
Moving on, their grill selections is definitely the best part of the buffet. These are fresh fish and meat that the chefs grill for you.

Here are some choices:

-pork barbecue skewers
-blue marlin
-lemongrass chicken
-lambchops (with mint jelly)
-snapper fillet

Raw Meat & Fish
Whole Fish
Lemongrass Chicken and Blue Marlin
Barbecue Skewers and Snapper Fillet

I am fond of designing my plate and adding a little presentation with my food. And this is my masterpiece for the night: Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint Jelly on a bed of Pumpkin Puree. I used the pumpkin soup puree as a sauce for the lamb chops and it was surprisingly good. Maybe because of its buttery taste that neutralized the lamb.

Pumpkin Puree
Grilled Lambchops

I love how they grilled our selections perfectly. It was not overcooked and the meat was so tender.

Chefs doing their magic

Roast Beef with Mint Jelly

For their pasta, they don't cook it for you. You get the pasta, you pour the sauce and that's it. I did not quite like this since I want my pasta to be served hot. I placed shredded cheese and bacon bits from the salad bar to add more flavor into it. 

Pasta and Pizza

The sauce was too bland for me. There was no sweetness in it and the pasta was cold too so we were not able to finish it up.
For the pizza, they make different flavors for every batch. We had Hawaiian since it was the flavor being served that time. I love how it was freshly baked and thin crusted but the taste was so-so for me. It was a normal Hawaiian: pineapple, ham and cheese.

pizza oven

The International Cuisines: 

Dimsum Galore
Noodle Station
Chicken Pot Pie and BBQ Skewers
Roast Beef and Chicken

Desserts: (Words just can't describe them. )
Assorted pastries
Assorted Sweets
White Chocolate Fountain
Macarons and White Choco dipped Strawberry
Bread Pudding
Crepe station
Native Delicacies
Ice Cream Bar
Crepe Ala Mode
Fruits in Season
Assorted Fruits
Dalandan Sorbet

Their desserts were superb! :) I love their Dalandan Sorbet very much. It was a great and refreshing dessert to end our meal.

*We were so unlucky that there were no steamed/grilled fresh shrimps in sight that night.

Market Cafe
3rd Floor, Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila 1588 Pedro Gil cor M.H. Del Pilar, Malate, Manila
Tel Num: 245-12-34


  1. that is a lot food :D
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  2. Looks appetizing. Hyatt casino really serves good food for customers and players.

  3. A sumptuous meal here after I play casino is what I deserve, wouldn't you agree? Hehe. Very delectable buffet!

  4. Yum! will try this, soon! thanks :)


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