November 24, 2012

MoMo Cafe House Specialties in Ayala Triangle Gardens

Last week, D and I decided to use our 1k worth of House Specialties from MoMo Cafe in Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati

It was a perfect timing since that day marks the start of Ayala Triangle Garden's spectacular Lights and Sounds Show. The who garden was packed with media and people capturing this wonderful sight. 

As the show finished, we headed over to Momo Cafe for dinner. It was a busy night and due to their limited seating capacity, we had to wait for an hour before we were accommodated. 

Finally, we were ushered to our seats and were served with some complimentary bread with cheese pimiento spread. 

It didn't take a while before our orders were served that the small table we got was literally full of huge plates.

Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserole & Rice (P395)- crab meat, mixed seafood, double smoked bacon chunks, MOMO's special seafood cream, corn, peas and carrots, Hollandaise

I've read that this Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserole is one of Momo's House Specialties best-seller and so this one was on our top list to order. Glad that we did 'cause the rice dish was superb! I love creamy stuff and this one surely was very creamy and flavorful.

I love the combination of the seafood, corn, peas and carrots that added texture to the creamy and buttery casserole. It was a bit heavy and filling that as soon as we finished halfway, we already felt so full.   

Baked Fish Enchilada (P325)- tortilla wrap, Cajun spiced fish, red beans, Mornay sauce, party rice and romaine salsa

As if we haven't had enough of carbs, we also got this Baked Fish Enchiladas atop some party rice. It had this strong Mexican aroma which I am quite not a fan of but surprisingly, the taste was ok. The fish tender inside each soft toasted tortilla was very tender and moist.

A Bucket of Corn Dogs and 3 Dips (P295)- homemade coleslaw, sweet and sour, honey mustard, hickory BBQ, and fries

Last we had was an order of their Bucket of Corn Dogs and 3 Dips. First, it wasn't placed in a bucket but was beautifully plated on a bed of fries. Nothing too fancy but the corn dogs were tasty and good with just the right batter coating to it. Our favorite dip was the sweet and sour which we also dipped our fries in.

We also ordered for their Watermelon and Green Mango Smoothie (P120) which was a combination of sweet and tangy fresh fruit flavors.

It's Beryllicious Pick:
Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserole

Overall, we had quite a delicious carb-loading dinner at Momo Cafe. Since we've only tried their House Specialties during our visit, we vowed to go back and sample more of their signature dishes next time.

Ayala Triangle Gardens, Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Tel Num: 621-6162


  1. Wow, what delighted me is the drink actually, that Watermelon Green Mango Smoothie is a turn on for me. I can finish 3-4 glasses of it. Baked Fish Enchillada and Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserol and Rice are drool on. :)

  2. u8mypinkcookiesNovember 25, 2012

    i've been wanting to try that. i liked the food at mr. jones din kasi

  3. An hour? That's dedication!

    I would have looked for a new place. No patience e. Hehehe! =)

  4. Haven't tried Momo Cafe. I'd love to visit soon!

  5. My daughter and I never miss the Ayala Triangle lights and sounds show. We've gone there two years in a row, and look forward to going again this year :). We have to try that casserole dish at MoMo. Thanks for sharing

  6. sherry ann gole cruzMarch 18, 2015

    Creamy Crabby Seafood Casserole looks yummy, we will drop by when we go ayala triangle again!


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