August 23, 2011

Gayuma Ni Maria- Be "Gayumatized"!

When I first heard of Gayuma ni Maria, the very first thing that came into my mind was the small restaurant near Greenhills along Ortigas Ext. and Santolan named Cucina Gayuma. The name intrigued me that I wanted to try out the place but later found out that it already closed down. 

After checking out some blogs about Gayuma ni Maria, we were prepared and ready with our orders in mind.
Locating the establishment was quite hard since we are not familiar with Katipunan area. Maps and directions from online sources were quite helpful though.

And so we arrived at the place.

A signage could be seen that holds the name of the restaurant.

The place looked like a residential area converted into a small restaurant.
I loved the canopy touch to their tables. It makes the dining experience more unique and intimate.

Gayuma notes could also be found posted on their walls.


Courtship (Starters)

We tried their Peek-A-Boo(P145) which is their own version of pumpkin soup.

It was not creamy as stated on the menu description since there were some squash bits left unblended.  I also found it too salty for my taste and the soda crackers did not just go along with it. It would be best if they just placed croutons into the soup. I liked The Real Thing Diner's pumpkin soup better.

Attraction (Appetizers)

We ordered the Lumpiang Barako (P125) for our appetizer.

Too oily but the cheese were overflowing...

Best not to dip it into the ketchup..

Fling (Snacks) 

Commitment (Main Course)

Beef & Pork

For our main course, we ordered their Baby Back Ribs called Rock Me Baby! (P265)

Not fall-off-the-bone type but the huge slab was definitely worth its price. I loved the bbq sauce too.
Their mashed potatoes was served in a triangular shape that reminded me of Machang (Chinese sticky rice). It was plain mashed potatoes.. Bland and Simple.


And their Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back(P225) chocolate crusted cream dory..
It was surprisingly good! Never thought that chocolate would go along with fish. :)



Their Exotic Lover(P175) reminded me of Damaso's Creamy Tuyo Pasta.
It was equally good and delicious considering their price difference.

Our food-filled table..

Last but not the least..Their desserts!

We ordered their best-seller which is the Beats Sex Any Day (P75).
It was good but too sweet for me. I stopped eating after two teaspoonfuls. What D really loved about it was that it was soooo chocolate-y and syrup-y.

The concept and design of the restaurant was so unique and appealing.
It's as if everything inside the resto had a little touch of the "gayuma" concept.

From the counter tables...

to the tables and chairs..

to the walls and doors..

They also have tabletops filled with love charms, love potions and other things related to LOVE..

"Shrine of Love"

Some naughty novelties and stuffs..

"Naughty Nook"

Gayuma ni Maria was awarded the 2010 Best Tasting Meringue-based Desserts and Cakes by Quality Brand Philippines.

They also have various game boards for their customers to enjoy while waiting for their food.

"The Comment Tree"

Customers have the freedom to voice out their comments, feedback and suggestions.
Just grab some of the postcards available from the YoCard stand and put it up the "comment tree".

Our food bill..
For the amount of food that we ate, I guess the price of the bill was reasonable enough. 

Their restroom with a unique touch..

Customers could also choose to dine upstairs and opt to sit on the floor with low tables and fluffy throw pillows. 

Hearts were posted on walls to give that "Everyday is Valentine's Day" feeling.

They have vintage and Filipiniana clothes for sale.

Love Is In The Air

This mannequin was really creepy.. We thought there was someone standing in the hallway..

Gayuma Ni Maria
123 V. Luna Extension
(Maginhawa Street), Quezon City
Tel. No. (0921) 681-8989, 4414872

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