September 21, 2011

Ye Dang Korean Restaurant- A Korean Gem in Pasig

I've been hearing a lot about Ye Dang from my colleagues and it really intrigued me. I am a big fan of korean bbq restaurants since I love grilling my own food. I also love their complimentary appetizers which I think is the best part of the korean barbecue dining experience.

Ye Dang is just walking distance from my office, but I never got the chance to eat there.

Finally, the long wait is over..

We were lucky enough to get ourselves a seat upon arriving since most of the customers waiting in line were in groups. Customers patiently waited until their numbers were called.

Upon checking out their menu, we noticed how limited their selections were. It was a plus point since we did not had a hard time choosing what to order.

They use charcoals for their grill which gives an authentic Korean barbecue experience.

I so love the walls covered in korean writings and the window added an extra touch for that "eating in a korean home" kind of feeling.

We were served the usual korean condiments.

And lots of appetizers- which Koreans call Banchan.

Kimchi- fermented vegetables seasoned with chili and salt. An essential banchan of a standard Korean meal.

Kkakdugi- Kimchi Raddish

Namul- steamed, marinated, or stir-fried vegetables usually seasoned with sesame oil, salt, vinegar, minced garlic, chopped green onions, dried chili peppers, and soy sauce.

Sigeumchi Namul- Lightly parboiled spinach dressed with sesame oil, garlic, and soy sauce.

One of my favorite appetizers in korean restaurants is their Myulchibokkeum or what we call dilis.

They also have potato marbles with light sauce which we don't normally see in other Korean restaurants. 

My new favorite appetizer..Peanuts with sweet syrup.. Super Yum! 

We were told that in order to use the grill, we must order at least 2 barbecue dishes.

So we got the Samgyupsal -Roast Pork Belly (P280) and the dak-Kui-Grill Chicken (P300).



A staple Korean food that we always order is the bibimbap. 

Dolsot Bibimbap- Vegetable Hash Rice in Hot Stone Bowl (P280)

It has a generous amount of vegetables and their rice.. just the perfect Korean rice. 

Our table..

It's Grill Time!!!

We also ordered some of their specialties..

Pajon- Seafood & Beef w/ Green Onion Pancake (P300)

This was a really huge Pajon. It almost covered the whole big plate from which it was served. D loved this so much that he consumed more than half of it. :)

Judging by the picture, you may think that its just egg all over. But surprisingly, every slice has beef and seafood toppings on it. 

We had this dish to go because we were so full and the fact that these were rice cakes...

Definitely "To-go!"

Tteokbokki- Rice Cakes in Hot Sauce (P300)

We just ate the whole egg and some few pieces.. :) The rice cakes were really heavy to eat, I love the fish cakes though.

If you love rice cakes, you'll definitely love this. 

Our food-filled table..


and After..

Around 10:30 pm the restaurant is still packed with diners.

Ye Dang
Meralco Ave., Ortigas
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Tel Num: 6361461

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