March 13, 2012

Sonya's Garden-Weekend Getaway in Ford Fiesta

Last week, D surprised me with a message from the Scene Stealer herself, Lissa Kahayon. It was a message about winning her Cutest Couple Giveaway sponsored by Ford Philippines. I was surprised and ecstatic at the same time since I was the one who told him that I wanted to join that contest. But due to the deadline posted, I was not able to join. Little did I know, he submitted his entry just in the nick of time.

Here are the winning entries chosen by Lissa and Ford.

You see, D and I wanted to have a trip to Tagaytay ever since and this was like a wish come true.

Our Proposed Itinerary:
9:00am - 9:30am- Vehicles on stand-by
10:00am - 10:30am- Meet up in Ford Global
10:30am - 12:00nn- ETA- Sonya's Garden Tagaytay
12:00nn - 2:00pm- Lunch / Leisure Time
2:00pm - 4:00pm- Spa Treatment ( Lemongrass or rose-scented aromatherapy steam bath, foot spa, manicure and pedicure, Sonya's Signature Massage )
4:00pm - 5:00pm- Leisure Time
5:00pm- Depart from Tagaytay, Drop off in Ford Global

After seeing the itinerary made by Ford Philippines, our hearts screamed and jumped for joy. It's like they read our minds on where we wanted to go.

We arrived at Ford Global around 10 am and since we were the first couple to arrive we got the privilege to choose which color of Ford Fiesta we prefer.

We got the blue car which had white racing stripes on it. The other colors were black and white. 

A few minutes later, Lissa arrived with her date. Followed by Zeti and Mickey, the other couple who also won the promo.

Finally, we're off to Tagaytay! :)
That's Lissa's car in front of us
Welcome to Tagaytay City!
We have arrived at our destination- Sonya's Garden Country Bed & Breakfast

We were immediately accompanied to the dining area upon arrival. Each couple had their own table to bond with each other.

I love the cool and clean ambiance of the restaurant. The beautiful plants in the small garden sends off green hues all over the place creating a more relaxing mood and natural environment.

Our lunch-eat all you can-(P610/person) started off with a Salad of Greens and edible flowers handpicked from Sonya's Garden with various fresh toppings such as cucumber, melons, turnips, shredded eggs, mangoes, crunchy broad beans and pineapples.

The best part of all? Sonya's Secret Salad Dressing. It tasted like light and creamy honey mustard dressing with some secret spices maybe? That's the frustrating part though, loving something you don't even know how it was made. Seriously, D loved it so much I had to tell him that it consists of unknown oil and fats. But that didn't stop him from drizzling pouring more into his plate.

For our drinks, we had a pitcher of Freshly Squeezed Dalandan Juice with lots of pulps and bits. I managed to finish three glasses of it. Yes it was good. Not too sweet and refreshingly good.

Followed by a basket of their freshly baked Whole Wheat Sesame Bread, we both enjoyed trying out their various dips and toppings that came with it.

I personally like the Anchovies while D loved the Basil Pesto. Careful on the anchovies though cause it was extremely salty that a quarter teaspoon was enough for a slice of bread.

We found the Mushroom Pate a bit pale and flat in taste and flavor but still, D was able to finish the whole thing. We tasted the Black Olive Tapinade and didn't bother to try it again. The Kesong Puti well..tasted like kesong puti.

For the pasta, they served us two kinds of sauces. One was the Sun Dried Tomatoes and the other was the White Sauce of Cream, Chicken Chunks and Mangoes. I enjoyed the white sauce which had this thick, creamy and milky consistency. Despite being a red sauce person, D equally enjoyed the white sauce as much as I did.

Toppings include sliced Shitake Mushrooms, Black Olives, Capers and Ratatouille. 

Another dish that complimented the pasta was the Salmon Belly. The skin was crunchy but the meat remained soft and tender with a very delicate and fatty texture in every bite.

After our meal, we gave the go signal for them to serve us dessert. We were so full that we didn't want anything fried anymore so we skipped the Banana Rolls and Sweet Glazed Potatoes. I had one bite of the turon just to have an idea of what their version tasted like. It had langka which was a plus but aside from that it was nothing out of the ordinary.

But, we didn't let this homemade decadent Chocolate Cake pass. Good thing serving size was small enough for us to consume. The cake was chocolate-y but not too sweet and the texture was moist, soft and airy.

A perfect pair for the cake was this cup of freshly prepared hot Tarragon Tea. It tasted clean and light perfect to cap off the great sumptuous hearty meal.

And now, it's time for some pampering time.

We were led downstairs where their couple's room are located.

We were treated to a Magnolia Package (P1680) which includes the following services:

Foot Spa-starts with a soothing foot bath in a warm basin of water with dalandan cut into halves.
It was the first step to soften callouses and prepare the feet to a lavishing treatment.

Pedicure- includes cleaning, cutting, filing, and shaping the toenails

Can you see his first-time-in-doing-this look? Priceless! :)

Manicure- cleaning, cutting, filing, shaping the nails inclusive of optional nail polishing

Aromatherapy Steam Bath- done in a portable sauna/steam bath for 20 minutes to naturally detoxify and calm the body

The shower room where you can take a bath after the relaxing steam bath. You will be given a brown colored bottle of herbal-scented shampoo and soap which you can use in taking a bath.

Lastly, Sonya's Signature Massage- A 1-hour soothing whole body massage which combines different massage styles such as Shiatsu, Swedish and Thai techniques

After the massage, we were served with Sonya's signature Hot Dalandan Tea which was sweet and tangy just the way I like it. It was really good I wanted to ask for another round.

We were supposed to leave the place before 6pm and since there was still time left for us to savor this special moment, we started taking photos to capture this unforgettable experience.

Of course, a visit to Sonya's Garden wouldn't be complete without a shot at the lovely white chairs located in the gardens. 

With Zeti and Lissa

with the Lovely Lissa Kahayon

Lissa and Pao
Zeti and Mickey
The boys working out their respective cars
Us working out our blue car..oh yes! we're feeling it! haha :D

Going Back to Manila
At the end of the day, it was all smiles for every couple who got the opportunity to bond and spend a quiet and romantic day with each other.

Sonya's Garden is truly a sanctuary of serenity and relaxation for everyone. 
We wouldn't mind going there again and again for a complete relaxation getaway :)

Sonya's Garden
Address: Brgy. Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite
Contact Numbers: 09175329097, 09175335140, 09175231080


  1. You are so lucky! Sobrang natutuwa ako when you post about your bf. He seems really sweet and you two sound so cute together. XD And thanks so much for the post. I've always wanted to go to Sonya's, but since I can't, I love looking at pictures instead. Hehe. Cute niyo sa steam bath pic! :)

    Really envious of your trip. ;p

  2. thank you so much Mary! :) Hope you can finally visit Sonya's Garden too :) It was truly a wonderful experience for first timers like us :) 

  3. michisoleeMarch 13, 2012

    lucky you! =) inggit ako. hehe!

  4. Wow! You are so lucky, and I'm just amazed na your bf joined the contest! :D He's so sweet and he really loves you! ^^ Kilig!!! Anyway, I'm glad you two enjoyed your time at Sonya's Garden. I hope I can visit the place too and have some pampering with the bf.. :D

  5. wow so sweet! and lucky! =) what a great day you had! wish we could try the spa at Sonya's garden one time hehe :)

  6. Congratulations!  Sonyas is really a nice place.  Maganda rin sana if you could have won the car too.  Hehehe!  =)

  7. OMG! You guys are so sweet! Especially your guy. Congratulations to the both of you! <3

  8. thank you sumi! :) Go visit Sonya's with bf na..definitely worth it! :)

  9. Yes it was indeed a great day! :) Go try it out next time :) it was really relaxing :)

  10. hahaha! that's actually a great idea.. how we wish! :)  

  11. thank you so much Aileen! :)

  12. lucky your post made me want to visit sonya's again.  love the ford fiesta too.  i'm thinking of buying one in every available color...joke.

  13. Thanks Cherry! care to share? haha! ;) Go visit Sonya's! truly worth it! :)

  14. Christia RamosMarch 17, 2012

    Don't you just loooove their tarragon tea?
    Was thinking of buying a tarragon plant right after. LOL

  15. Congrats! :) You, lovebirds, are lucky.. and you look good together. :)

  16. Cute and sweet! :) Congratulations... Stay in love. :-*

  17. indeed! It was really light and soothing! :)

  18. Cheers to us for having a wonderful and bonding time together! Book it in our memories! I love you! :D

  19. Ang kulit niyong dalawa! =D Nice meeting you two finally!


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