April 22, 2013

Infinite.ly: Launch your Brand in 60 Seconds

What is Infinite.ly? 
Infinite.ly is a Philippine startup that offers domain hosting for small businesses. It is an effective page builder that helps you create your own website and launch your brand in just 60 seconds.

How Infinite.ly could help small business and individuals?
Infinite.ly has a user-friendly interface that could help those businesses/individuals who do not have technical skills to build or create their own website. Infinite.ly takes care of all technical details so you could just focus on your website's content.

With Infinite.ly, businesses could now promote their brands, market their products or services and increase their network.  

With Infinite.ly's Page Builder, one could just select his chosen style from blogs, business, personal, event, portfolio, shopping and restaurant. No need for other technical expertise, just a few click and you are good to go.

I was able to try Infinite.ly's Small Biz package that includes 500mb storage, access to all widgets, custom Facebook page tab, and free custom domain. 

I built a product website wherein I just uploaded some of our products' photos and wrote the content that I wanted.  The site was very easy to navigate and with its page builder, launching our own website was easy as 1-2-3. The page was very clean, simple and it basically shows everything that I want to put up on the site without being too cramped and disorganized. 

For someone who is starting their own business and would like to create their own website, I would recommend checking out Infinite.ly for a start. Everything that you will need is there, from basic tutorials, to advanced website customization. 

I didn't have any major problem in using the website's features. It was also very easy to communicate with the Infinite.ly team as they were very accommodating and prompt to my questions and inquiries. 

Check out https://infinite.ly/ for more information.

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