September 19, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort- Where The Magic Begins!

It was a tough decision between Hong Kong's Disneyland and Ocean Park while we were planning our 3-day Hong Kong trip. I was told that if we were all for the rides, then we should choose Ocean Park. It's been ages since I last visited Ocean Park and I was looking forward to see the changes for myself. But, the kid in me was pulling me towards Disneyland. Plus, I don't really enjoy extreme rides very much.. Or should I say I am not even brave enough to try. A unanimous decision was made, and so Hong Kong Disneyland it is. 

We rode the MTR going to Sunny Bay Station and then transferred to the Disneyland Resort Line. What I love about Hong Kong's transport system is that you can easily get around the island via the MTR. It's so convenient and accessible to everyone. 

The train to Disneyland Resort Station has these mickey mouse windows and handles. Plus, the seats were extra comfy with some Disney character figures and displays. 

The park opens around 9am so be sure to visit early to avoid long lines and crowded attractions. Imagine having your group photo here with dozens of tourists doing the same at the background..

or here with another group beside you.. Good thing we arrived early!

Some hotels and inns offer discounted Disneyland tickets so we were able to get ours for only HKD 420/P2500 instead of the regular price of HKD450/P2700.

For first timers, I suggest you grab a map so you don't miss any attraction or ride.

Main Street, U.S.A

Meet and greet Disney characters and have your photos taken with them. 
Expect to bump into Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Daisy Duck, Chip and Dale. 

Explore around the shops for some Disney souvenirs, goodies and collectibles. 

Enjoy Main Street Entertainment as a musical band offers lively New Orleans-style music, and Disney Characters amuse everyone with an interactive celebration in Flights of Fantasy Parade

This is also where Disney in the Stars happen every night with a spectacular pyrotechnic fireworks display that lights up the sky.

"Leave Earth behind and blast off for a wild ride into outer space and maybe even save the universe."

And that's what we did in Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. This is a very cool and interactive ride wherein you'll team up with Buzz as you spin 360 degrees in your Star Cruisers and have your own laser blaster to target enemies and earn points. 

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a scaredy-cat when it comes to extreme rides. Especially those rides that I cannot see from outside so I wouldn't know what to expect. Just like this mysterious Space Mountain.

My friends enjoyed the ride but they felt really dizzy afterwards. Whew!

Other attractions here are: Stitch Encounter, Autopia, Orbitron, UFO Zone

"Make all of your storybook dreams come true by exploring the fairytale adventures in this enchanted land."

It's A Small World

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

We didn't miss out the classic 3D concert movie at the Philhar Magic where we got to enjoy some of Disney animated films' memorable moments. 

Cinderella Carousel

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Royal Banquet Hall

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Meet and greet Tinkerbell at the Pixie Hollow. 

Toy Story Land
Probably the most colorful area of Hong Kong Disneyland, Toy Story Land promises a larger than life attractions where everyone can explore an over-sized world of adventure. 

RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

The highlights of Toy Story Land are these two heart-stopping rides that will surely be enjoyed by adventure seekers. Not for the faint-hearted like me. Better just visit Jessie's Snack Roundup for some churros, pizza cones, fruit salad and frozen yogurt. 

Other rides: Slinky Dog Spin

Mystic Point

Ride on Lord Henry's "Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage" and explore his fine collection of antiquities and arts at the Mystic Manor. 

Other attractions: Garden of Wonders, Mystic Point Freight Depot

Grizzly Gulch

Visit the Wild Wild West at the township of Gizzly Gulch and meet some of the most influential members of town.  Visit the local saloon and watch a lively musical performance presented by the Sheriff, the Mayor and few other townsfolk members. 

I thought it was just another cowboy village until we reached The Big Grizzly Mountain. After a long examination of the ride, the tracks, the screams, the faces of those exiting, I was brave enough to conquer my fear and just went with the group. 

I didn't have photos of this attraction maybe because I was too preoccupied with my emotions before and after the ride. The ride itself wasn't too scary. What I hate the most is the anticipation of what will happen next. Are there sudden drops and loops that I missed out checking? Good thing NO. Will I ride it again? Definitely! Now I feel bad for not trying out Space Mountain!

"Voyage into an exotic journey at the mysterious waterways by raft and riverboat, climb the branches of a giant tree house and be awed by a spectacle of music and magic."

Brave the mysterious Jungle River Cruise and immerse in an epic battle of fire and water. Cross the rivers of adventure via raft to experience the many activities awaiting in Tarzan's Island and Tarzan's Treehouse

Cool down in a remote jungle clearing with the Liki Tikis, as the totem poles squirt unsuspecting passersby with mist and water.  

Last but not the least, celebrate the grand spectacle Festival of the Lion King, as the animated film is transformed into theatrical extravaganza. 

That ends our Hong Kong Disneyland experience. We were done by 3pm and decided to visit the Citygate Outlets in Tung Chung Station

My visit to Hong Kong Disneyland is definitely one for the books! We missed some attractions and rides but we more or less experienced majority of the theme park's best attractions and highlights. Too bad we weren't able to catch the fireworks display. Looking forward to visiting again and perhaps checking out Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel in the future.

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  1. Rochkirstin SantosSeptember 19, 2014

    Great post! It looked like there was not a lot of people when you're there. I'm so in love with HK Disneyland that I wanted to live inside. Haha. After our visit, I even checked the available job openings and found out that many matched my credentials. I felt that excited but had to end my wishful thinking since it's still more fun in the Philippines. :)


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