February 9, 2016

Headquarters Cafe & Games Katipunan- Fun Games and Coffee at HQ Manila

Headquarters Cafe and Games- the newest board game cafe in the bustling university district of Katipunan. There may be endless options for students on where to eat around the neighborhood, but this newcomer offers more than just food and drinks.

Joining the board game cafe bandwagon, Headquarters Cafe & Games gives students another reason to enjoy long breaks and coffee dates. The place exudes a happy and casual vibe, with colorful superhero paintings on the wall. 

Customers are free to use the table top games on the shelves, while enjoying their cup of coffee. The board games available are quite limited as they are still on soft opening. However, new games are set to arrive in the next coming months. 

For now, you can enjoy fun and interesting games such as Jenga, Taboo, Uno, Generals, Game of Thrones, Word Factory, Cards Against Humanity, etc..


Mojos and Chicken Skin (P140)

A platter of Headquarter's crispy fried chicken skin and mojos is the perfect starter to a great game of cards or word hunt. It comes with a gravy dip and seasoned with sugar for that added sweet taste. 

Nachos (P160)

If chicken skin and mojos are too indulgent for you, then a plate of nachos will surely satisfy the group. Generous serving of crispy nacho chips topped with onions, tomatoes, ground beef and cheese sauce. It also comes with a sour cream dip on the side. 

Spicy Tinapa with Capers (P150)

Headquarters also serves pasta dishes for a more filling meal. The spicy tinapa pasta has a light salty-spicy combination from the tinapa and chili flakes. My personal favorite.

Portobello Truffle Cream (P170)

For cream-sauce lovers, the Portobello Truffle Cream pasta would be the perfect choice. Pasta was al dente, and sauce was not too rich and creamy, anyone would not have a hard time wiping his plate clean.


Matcha Hulk (large-P150, super-P165)

For non-coffee drinkers, you will be glad to know that Headquarters Cafe and Games offers a selection of choco-based drinks like this Matcha Hulk drink made with Japanese green tea and Milo.

Hulk Buster (large-P130, super-P145)

This Hulk Buster is an upgraded version of your favorite Milo dinosaur with a shot of espresso.

HQ Thai Milk Tea (large-P105, super-P120)

Milk Tea lovers will be happy to know that Headquarters also has a variety of milk teas available. They have the classic Hong Kong Nai Cha, Japanese Matcha Milk Tea and this sweet and creamy Thai Milk Tea with pearls. 

Spicy Hot Chocolate (large- P105, super-P115)

For the more adventurous ones, you can try this Hot Chocolate drink with a kick of spice. Surprisingly, it was the highly favored drink during our visit. It has the right balance of sweetness and spice, that's not overbearingly sweet nor unbearably spicy. 

Brownie a la Mode (P105)

A simple dessert of vanilla ice cream topped with fudgy chunks of soft and chewy chocolate brownies. The perfect meal ender! 

Headquarters Cafe and Games Menu:

Headquarters Cafe & Games
G/F AAP Bldg. #72 Esteban Abada St. Katipunan, Quezon City
Tel Num: 211-0035
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