December 22, 2017

Market Market! Relaunches Home and Gift Market for the Holiday Season

It has been a while since I last visited Marker!Market! in Taguig. Since I was around the BGC area for the opening of Tsuta Philippines in High Street Central, I decided to pass by Market!Market! for the relaunch of the Home and Gift Market.

Initially, I thought the home and gift market are located inside the department store. Turns out, each  section occupies a big area at the 3rd floor of the mall. The Home Market on one side, and the Gift Market on the other. Surely, there is something for everyone here.

We started at the Home Market section where you can find literally everything from furniture, art and paintings, to bed frames, storage cabinets, bedroom and dining essentials. 

There were colorful and artistic paintings to choose from..

There were different styles available like handcrafted woodworks, elegant pieces, and fancy decors.

Most brands were on sale and prices were really affordable. 

At the Gift Market section, there were a lot more affordable options to choose from.

There were handicrafts and native souvenirs, wooden figurines and displays, and unique gift ideas like handmade and woven mats and cloths.

There are also toys and gift shops for unique finds, and a one-stop-shop for all your party needs like balloons, banners, party decors, loot bags, party hats and more!

Ladies are also in for a treat as there are shops that sell handbags, shoes and accessories at very low prices. Now you don't need to go all they way to Greenhills or Divisoria for these affordable finds.

Inside the Gift Market is also the Pearl Market where you can score some precious stones, pearls and jewelries perfect for any occasion. 

I was able to buy a pair of earrings for just P120

But my favorite part of the Gift Market, and probably where I spent most of my time, was the Korean grocery called Oh! K-Mart

It is every foodie's haven! There were a lot of selections too, from Korean snacks like biscuits and chips, to Korean condiments and cooking essentials like sauces, flour, mixes and dressings.

For those who are wondering where to buy the famous Korean 2X Spicy Noodles, this is the place to be! They have the individual packs, or the cup noodles version in small and big sizes. I bought a few of the big cup noodles version for P80 each, some Korean snacks and chips, and a bibimbap paste to use at home. 

Do check out the Home and Gift Market at the 3rd floor of Market!Market! for awesome finds and deals. 

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