October 31, 2018

New World Makati Hotel Classic Tinghun Package- SO-HONG Chinese Engagement #SOHONGryforLove

Planning our tinghun was both exciting and challenging. We already have an auspicious date, but what's next? It was time to look for a reception venue. We inquired with a lot of restaurants and hotels, and compared all their packages and offers. Being the frugal person that I am, I considered booking suppliers separately on my own thinking that it would save us more than getting a complete package. Good thing we learned about New World Makati's Classic Tinghun Package that basically covers almost all our requirements at a very reasonable price. Add the fact that the food will be prepared by the hotel's in-house Chinese restaurant Jasmine- one of D's family's favorite Chinese restaurants.

And if you are familiar with most Chinese families, you'll know that they prioritize food above anything else when hosting an event or reception. 

With Jasmine's Executive Chef Wong Kam On helming the kitchen for our tinghun, we were confident that we will be in good hands, and that our guests not only will be satisfied with the taste of the dishes, but will also be satisfied with the serving size of the food.

But before going on with the food, here are the amenities and inclusions of New World Makati's Classic Tinghun Package:

Professional bridal consultant 
Elegant reception venue 
Engagement ceremony noodles, sweets and eggs (maximum of 14 persons) (braised misua noodles, red dates and dried winter melon, and 28 pieces of hard-boiled eggs) 
Two (2) pieces round fondant cake 
Chilled orange juice (maximum of 14 persons) 
One (1) round of iced tea for all the guests 
Fresh flower centerpiece for all tables 
Engagement backdrop 
One (1) set wrist corsage and boutonniere for the couple 
Two (2) bouquet of spring flowers as giveaways 
Choice of sumptuous set Chinese Lauriat menus 
Two (2) sets of personalized menu card per table 
Overnight stay in a bridal suite with buffet breakfast for two (2) persons at Café 1228

Let me go into detail the major inclusions of New World Makati's tinghun package.

Professional Bridal Consultant

Who needs a coordinator and a host, when you have Ms. Sapphira Chua, assistant director of events management at New World Makati.

The first time we met Ms. Sapphira was when we dropped by the events gallery to inquire for event and banquet packages. She still accommodated us even when it was past office hours.

She then invited us to the Official Launch of New World's Tinghun Engagement Package so we can better understand and experience their services.

She continued to be as accommodating even after we made our booking. She became more than a personal tinghun consultant, she became a friend.

Thank you Ms. Sapphira for everything you've done for us. From our preparations, to the ceremony proper, until the end of the event, you made sure everything was in order. We can't thank you enough for your genuine kindness, hospitality and unparalleled service.

Elegant Reception Venue
One of the main reasons we chose New World Makati for our tinghun reception was the Glasshouse.

The moment we saw the Glasshouse, we knew it was the perfect setting for an intimate gathering of friends and families. The place was bright and cozy, with natural light beaming through the large glass windows. The Glasshouse can fit up to a maximum of 8 tables. Since our total guest count was almost 100pax, we went for 8 tables of 12s, instead of 10 tables of 10s which would require a ballroom setup. New World Makati Hotel's tables are bigger than the average size, so it can comfortably accommodate 12 persons.

Engagement Ceremony Noodles and Sweet Tea Eggs

We didn't expect much on the traditional misua and sweet tea eggs, but everyone on the engagement table was pleasantly surprised with the ceremony noodles and soup. The effort put on each bowl was evident as the misua was really good, and the sweet egg soup was a delight to the palate.

Two 8" Round Fondant Cakes from Cake Concepts

I really wanted a beautiful couple's cake for our tinghun. But since it was already included in the package, I thought I'd just settle for a standard round cake with a classic design. You know how it is with package inclusions, either you chose from a pre-designed simple option, or customize your own design but at an additional cost.

Lucky for us, New World Makati is tied up with Cake Concepts to supply the cakes for their tinghun package. I touched base with Cake Concepts through Ms. Maite Gregorio, who was kind enough  to accommodate my cake design at no additional cost. The finished product was exactly how I envisioned our cakes would be- simple, elegant and most importantly, delicious!

Thank you Cake Concepts and Ms. Maite for our lovely and delicious cakes.

Engagement Backdrop by Royal Flower Shoppe 

Another package inclusion that saved us thousands of pesos was this beautiful grass wall with cascading silk flowers provided by New World Makati's in-house florist/stylist.

I've inquired with several backdrop suppliers, and most of them cost around 12k-25k depending on backdrop size and design. Fortunately, New World Makati's in-house florist/stylist is none other than the renowned Ms. Gina Galang of Royal Flower Shoppe. We didn't get to choose our own design as it was the standard backdrop inclusion, but it was already more than what we wanted.

Two Bouquet of Spring Flowers 

Royal Flower Shoppe also provided our bouquets of flowers for giveaways to all the single ladies during our tinghun.

Thank you Eunice and Ms. Gina for our beautiful tinghun backdrop and fresh floral bouquets.

Overnight Stay in Bridal Suite with breakfast for 2

This was a convenient inclusion for us since we were able to endorse most of our tinghun checklist items the day before. The hotel concierge assisted us in bringing things from the room to the event venue.

Staying at the hotel overnight was also helpful during preps as we did not have to drive all the way from our house to the hotel on our tinghun day. We had spare time for preps and pictorial, and the buffet breakfast at Cafe 1228 was an added bonus as well.

Choice of Chinese Lauriat Set Menu

The highlight of our tinghun package was the food and set menu from Jasmine.

We opted for a classic menu good for 12 persons. I was initially worried that serving size wouldn't be enough for 12pax. But come tinghun day, I personally witnessed the generous serving size of each dish. In fact, everyone at the VIP table was already so full halfway through the meal.

We asked around for feedback from guests, and most if not all raved about the food's taste, quality, and generous serving size of the dishes. Everyone was satisfied, full, and happy, and that's what really matters most for our families.

Thank you Chef Wong, the whole Jasmine team, and events/banquets team for a job well done!

We definitely made the right and best decision of having our Tinghun at New World Makati Hotel. Everything was hassle-free and service was top notch. The only concern we had during the event was the malfunctioning of the air conditioning units, which was immediately taken care of by the team.

Our Tinghun at New World Makati was certainly one for the books. Thank you to all friends and families who came, and to all suppliers who made our tinghun a memorable one.

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