August 23, 2013

Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss- The World of Koshi in SM North Edsa

This kind of weather calls for a hot bowl of noodles don't you think? Just recently, we were able to drop by Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss in SM North Edsa. We seldom frequent the area, but after they closed down their Shaw branch and transferred to Robinsons Galleria, I guess this is already the nearest branch to us. 

After my first Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss experience, D and I have been visiting their Market Market branch whenever we're in the Fort area. Usually, our ramen cravings would mean spending around P300+ for an order. But in Moshi Koshi, that's already enough for us to have one bowl each.  

Moshi Koshi makes their noodles fresh in-store everyday. What makes them unique is that they provide a suggested eating time for their noodles. They understand that timing is essential for the perfect "koshi" noodle experience. 

Niku Udon (P170) 
Eating time: 8 minutes

I am not a big fan of udon noodles but I must say that Moshi Koshi's Niku Udon is an exception. I just love the extra chewy udon noodles followed by its sweet and savory broth. The beef slices were tender and tasty as well. 

Tempura Soba (P170)
Eating Time: 5 minutes

Since soba is the thinnest noodle available in Moshi Koshi, make sure to consume within 5 minutes. Made of buckwheat flour, soba is also considered to be a healthy noodle. Enjoy the light tasting broth with the perfect topping of some large ebi tempura. 

Shoyu Ramen (P195)
Eating Time: 7 minutes

Shoyu ramen topped with pork, veggiess, naruto (fish cake), nori (seaweeds), and bamboo shoots for added texture. 

Yakisoba (P155)

Yakiudon (P140) 

Aside from noodle soups, Moshi Koshi also offers tasty noodles from the pan. Both were equally great but I prefer the sweet and savory taste of the Yakisoba. 

Katsu Curry (P275)

With a lot of restaurants offering katsu dishes, I must say that Moshi Koshi's Curry Katsu fares pretty well. The pork slices were tender and meaty, and the curry was mild yet tasty.

For a complete meal and filling meal, you may want to check our their bento boxes served with rice, miso soup and 4 special sidings. 

Chicken Teriyaki Bento (P240)

I think this a practical choice if you're not much a fan of noodles. The set gives customers the chance to indulge in their chosen dish and get a sampler of appetizers at the same time. 

If the appetizers aren't enough for you, then order some more of Moshi Koshi's affordable yet tasty sidings and extras. 

Gyoza (P85) - A must try! Their gyoza wrappers were koshi as well :)

Ebi Tempura (P55/pc.) and Kaki-age (P45/pc.)

Kara-age (P50/pc.)

Then end your meal with these delicious ice cream flavors of Green Tea (P65) and Coffee (P65)

Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss never fails to disappoint us. Looking for an affordable and delicious noodle place? Then Moshi Koshi is the place to be.

It's Beryllicious Picks: 
Niku Udon
Green Tea Ice Cream


  1. We still haven't been back at Moshi Koshi for their udon. Lumakas tuloy cravings namin ni J! Haha.. Anyway, hope we get to drop by this weekend. Lapit lang eh! :D

  2. i'll recommend this place to my roommate. :) thanks for the info!

  3. That's all my favorite! Tks for your sharing!

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