August 7, 2013

Thai Bistro: Authentic Thai Cuisine in Robinsons Magnolia

Just like what I mentioned before, I love Thai cuisine. I love it so much that I tried very hard to convince D to love it as well. I couldn't imagine going out on our dates and missing out on one of my favorite cuisine.

Good thing he easily developed his love for Thailand's Pad Thai and Bagoong Rice. He has yet to appreciate Tom Yum Soup and other Thai dishes with strong and distinct Thai spices and herbs though.

Ironically, he was the first to try this Thai place in Robinsons Magnolia called Thai Bistro. He was constantly raving about the dishes at Thai Bistro, and that I should try it out. Finally, the date was set. 

Of course, by default, we ordered for their Pad Thai (P350) and Khao Khluk Kapi (P315) 

Beautifully encased in an egg net, Thai Bistro's Pad Thai is definitely a catch! Taste was as good as its presentation, as we dug into the pile of soft and chewy noodles mixed with pork, shrimp and sprouts. Of course, don't forget to squeeze in some lemons to enhance the flavors.

The Bagoong Rice/Khao Khluk Kapi was mostly consumed by D in an instant. I was not surprised since it was really good with the sweet-sour combination of the caramelized pork and green mango shreds. I also appreciate the dried shrimps included on the platter. 

Thai Bistro Signature (P360)

To sample a little bit of everything from their starter menu, we got this appetizer sampler of Prawn Cakes, Thai Spring Rolls, Satay, and Calamares. It came with 3 different sauces as well- sweet chili, cucumber relish and peanut sauce

Everything was really good especially when dipped in the sauces. The fried Prawn Cakes was definitely my personal favorite that night. It was juicy, tasty and plump, perfectly fried til golden brown. 

Our waiter suggested that we try their Green Chicken Curry (P325). We don't usually order curry in Thai restaurants but we decided to give this one a try. 

Chunks of chicken and eggplant swimming in a thick and creamy green curry. It was not too spicy as D enjoyed putting the sauce into his bagoong rice. I don't know if D just eats fast or there was really not much chicken and eggplant in the mix. 

A Thai meal never fails to let me down. And our dinner at Thai Bistro was yet another wonderful Thai experience. We will definitely be back to try more of Thai Bistro's dishes. We were supposed to order their famous Sala Daeng but the lemongrass skewers were not available during our visit. Well, that adds up to another reason of visiting Thai Bistro again.

Other Thai restaurants in the Metro:

Thai Bistro
G/F, Unit 187, Robinson's Magnolia Town Center, Aurora Blvd.
cor. Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City
Contact Num: 703-6910, 0917-8381696, 0923-1003530


  1. I liked our Thai Bistro experience too, although may konting boo-boos sa food and service the night we dined. Anyway, the sample platter looks nice! Would love to try their prawn cakes next time. Dapat maisama ko din si J dito. Ironically though, he likes Tom Yum :D Parang Thai-style sinigang daw XD

  2. I haven't tried Thai food pa talaga. Kasi medyo explore ko pa ung korean foods e.. hehehe.. Gusto ko talaga mga post niyo ni sumi

  3. haha! will have to convice D to like it din hehe.. madali nlg nmn cguro yun :) Balik kami for the sala daeng!

  4. thanks jade! :) we love korean food too.. kaya lang my foodtrip buddy D isnt much of a spicy lover.. but he loves korean bbq so much! :)

  5. Melanie Zarate Alzona-MedranoAugust 12, 2013

    Interesting... might consider visiting this soon. :-)


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