September 24, 2012

Thai Resa Quezon City- Hole-in-the-Wall Authentic Thai Cuisine

I love Thai cuisine as seen here, here, herehere and here.  I've tried a few Thai places yet I'm still on the quest to find more. Fortunately, we discovered a new one called Thai Resa.

Thai Resa is owned by couples Wilfredo and Theresa Yu who initially started selling RTW clothes from Thailand. Their frequent visits suddenly made them appreciate Thai culture especially their food. With that, they decided to learn and master the fundamentals of authentic Thai cuisine and finally bring their passion for Thai food to life. Hence the establishment of Thai Resa. 

Catfish w/ Green Mango Salad (P180)

We started our authentic Thai adventure with this crispy Catfish with Green Mango Salad. We just love how crispy the catfish shreds were with a nice balance of sweet and tangy kick from the green mango salad underneath. 

Tom Yum Goong (P130)

Tom Yum Goong is the famous hot and sour soup with prawns in Thailand. Thai Resa's version was served in a big serving bowl that is already good for four or even five people, with four fresh prawns in it. Although it wasn't as creamy as other Tom Yum soup I've tried, the owners explained that Tom Yum soups in Thailand are normally clear and have less coconut milk to bring out it's true flavors. 

Crispy Tilapia (half-P130/ whole-P200)

A crowd favorite is this Crispy Tilapia cooked in a special Thai Resa sauce and served with green mango salad on the sides. You have the option to get a half order which consist of one tilapia or the whole order with two pieces. I suggest you get the whole order 'cause I myself could finish the whole fish. 

Yes, it was that good! I love the sweet glaze sauce that I was eager to know what it is. Sadly, it is Chef Theresa's own sauce concoction so it was kept a secret.

Pad Thai (P150)

My favorite Thai dish is Pad Thai that I never miss the chance to order it in Thai restaurants. Thai Resa's Pad Thai is quite simple with beansprouts, peanuts, tofu and egg. Since it took a while before we started eating this, the noodles became a bit dry yet still chewy. 

Bagoong Fried Rice (P150)

The biggest serving of Bagoong Fried Rice I've tried that an order could already be shared by three people. Although we found the rice disproportional to the chicken, egg and green mango toppings, it was already good on its own for me. The taste was sweet just the way Filipinos and I like it. 

Chicken Red Curry (P155)

One of Thai Resa's house specialty is this red curry of chicken and eggplant slices. Although it is probably the spiciest dish our table had, it wasn't too spicy and overbearing at all. Equally great as the Chicken Green Curry we tried in Thai Dara before. Nevertheless, it was good and perfect with their Crabmeat Fried Rice below.

Crabmeat Fried Rice (P180)

A lighter rice option than the bagoong fried rice is this Crabmeat Rice that also came in a huge serving size. The tasty crabmeat flavor was evident in every spoonful perfect for any viand such as the crispy catfish or green curry. 

Thai Iced Tea (P60)

What other drinks could complement our Thai food adventure than this glass of Thai Iced Tea. Their Iced Tea is made from freshly brewed Thai black tea leaves added with milk for a creamier taste. 

Thai Resa's Menu:

I am lucky to have discovered this hole-in-the-wall Thai place near us. Now, I have a new place to go whenever I'm craving for Thai cuisine. Although the place isn't like other fancy restaurants around, it is an unpretentious setting for a casual date or gathering. Plus, they get to keep their costs down to ensure their customers with an affordable and budget-friendly menu prices. Keep it up Thai Resa! Until we meet again! :) 

Thai Resa
135-D NS Amoranto corner Iriga St.,
Brgy. Paang Bundok, Quezon City
Tel Number: 254-9474