May 26, 2015

Yummy Diet Low Carb High Protein Program + GoldPress Juicing Co by Fruit Magic

I have always been curious about several low-calorie meal plan deliveries offered here and there. Like most of you, a lot of questions come to mind when choosing the best diet delivery service: Which company offers the yummiest food, the lowest rate, the most generous servings, the fastest delivery, and the best customer service. While I'm no expert in answering these questions, I can only share my personal experience with the first diet delivery service that I've tried- Yummy Diet.

Yummy Diet is one of the first and biggest diet delivery services in the country. It has been serving low calorie meal plans since 2013, and has continued to develop healthy and yummy menu programs and subscriptions throughout the years.

Yummy Diet currently has 3 available programs:
*includes breakfast with chia seeds, lunch, dinner, 1-2 snacks, coffee, tea and utensils
*YDGP includes morning tea, 450-cal breakfast, fruit snack, 450-cal lunch, (2) 300ml GoldPress juice, nighttime Tea, utensils

May 21, 2015

Kumori Japanese Bakery in Japan Now Baking in SM and Landmark Makati

Kumori Japanese Bakery is finally here in the Philippines! I got to sample some of their soft and fluffy breads and pastries a couple weeks back, and I totally enjoyed each one. But what really left an impression on me was Kumori's Signature Hanjuku Cheesecake.  

Signature Hanjuku Cheesecake (P48/pc. P240/box)

Shang's Gourmet Strip- A Food Fair at East Atrium, Shangrila Plaza Mall

Any true foodie would tell you that Shangri-La Plaza is home to the city’s most interesting and in-demand dining destinations. Since the unveiling of its East Atrium, Shangri-La Plaza has offered friends and families with discerning palates and big appetites with a myriad of choices that promise enriching and unforgettable dining experiences.

May 18, 2015

Giveaway: Win A 1-Year Supply of Super Coffee 3 in 1- What A Smile Tastes Like!

What makes you smile? It could be waking up to a beautiful morning, or having breakfast with loved ones everyday. How about a perfect cup of coffee to perk you up? No matter what it is, we always find a reason to smile at the start of each day. 

Here's another reason to smile. Super Coffee PH is giving one reader a one-year supply of Super Coffee!

But before that, let me share some details about the Super Coffee launch held at Fireside Megamall last month. Aside from getting to know the people who brought Super Coffee in the Philippines, we were introduced to Super Coffee's different variants to let us experience what a smile tastes like.

May 11, 2015

Manang's Chicken Pops N' Chips- Beef Steak, Cheese Pimiento and Chili Vinegar

Manang's Chicken introduces their new product Pops N' Chips- a combination of crispy, crunchy, all-meat chicken poppers, and Manang's all-natural potato chips seasoned with irresistible Filipino-inspired flavors. 

May 10, 2015

Celebrate Mother's Day at Gerry's Grill and Turn the Tables Around For Her!

On May 9 it's Mother’s Day! And what better way to celebrate the occasion than to be with Mom and the rest of the family at Gerry’s. Why so? We know a mother is the “Queen of Kitchen”. She was born to rule it. Day and night a mother spends long hours in her ‘mini-kingdom’ cooking up nothing but the best meals for her family.

Moms would stop at nothing to make sure her beloved - hubby and children - enjoy their time together at the dining table. No other gathering can be more heartfelt than being together, feasting over mom’s signature dishes – which are incomparable.

Now that’s the huge challenge there.  How do you make someone, who in her life has done nothing but whip up the best dishes for her family, happy?

Here’s an idea. On Mother’s Day why don’t we turn the tables around and do a role reversal? Let’s cook up something for our Moms and treat her like royalty.

Now that may sound a tall order, but Gerry’s promises to help you play the role.  There is no way that you can beat Mom’s “lutong bahay” but you can always do the best you could – by choosing to be at the leading Filipino restaurant.

May 7, 2015

Le Petit Souffle French-Japanese Bistro- Comfort Food in Century City Mall

Fancy some French? The newly opened Le Petit Souffle at Century City Mall has been the newest talk of the town. Don't let its name intimidate you as the French-Japanese bistro serves modern comfort food and desserts in a bright and enchanting atmosphere. Guests are welcomed to an outdoor garden-inspired setting with charming decors and accents.

There's no room for ordinary on the menu as each dish manifests the bold and creative characteristics of chefs Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla- the brains behind Le Petit Souffle. 

Take for example these hearty bowls of soup that are far beyond the ordinary. 

Japanese Curry Squash Soup (P195)- Summer squash soup with Japanese curry, toasted hazelnut, apple cider and sour cream

May 6, 2015

PUREFOODS® Presents BaconFest Manila #BiteTheLove #BaconFestMNL

BACON lovers unite! The best thing that has happened to bacon is finally here, as PUREFOODS® brings us BACONFEST MANILA- a campaign set to promote PUREFOODS® Thick Cut Bacon and Maple Bacon in various restaurants around the Metro.

PUREFOODS® has partnered with some of our favorite restaurants to give a new and mouth-watering twist to the classic bacon. Who says bacon can't get any better?

With our sincere love for Bacon, PUREFOODS® has created a way for everyone to enjoy all the yummy goodness in bacon! They've invited these restaurants to create their own bacon dishes as we celebrate the biggest, finest and first-ever campaign that’s purely about bacon: PUREFOODS® BACONFESTMNL! Some of the participating restaurants are 2nd's Restaurant, Carpe Diem, Charlie's Grind & Grill, Grams Diner, Sebastian's Ice Cream, Stoner's, Tiny Duchess, The Quirky Bacon, and Torch Restaurant.