October 28, 2011

Yawori- A New Korean Yakiniku Discovery

We accidentally found a new Korean Restaurant near Timog while looking for a Korean Grocery that was recommended by a relative.

Coming from Timog, it is just near JayJ's Inasal along Mother Ignacia Ave.

My father have been into Korean dishes lately and wanted to buy some ingredients in the grocery. They also sell Melona Ice Cream which was a favorite among us. It was sold at P25 each but they have this promo of buy 5 pieces for P100.

After a while, we checked out the restaurant called Yawori just beside the grocery store. 

The owner then came out apologizing that they are no longer accepting customers because they ran out of ingredients. He thought that we were going to eat there and told us to come back around 12 midnight.

The store apparently opens at night til 7am in the morning.

Most of the customers were Koreans and they go there for some drinks and barbecue.

He was very kind and friendly because he kept on bowing and saying sorry to us. He gave us his business card and told us that we just need to show it next time for a discount. 

Fast forward to the day we went back for dinner, the owner welcomed us inside and friendly waitresses assisted us on our seats.

The place was simple with Asian accents and frames on the walls.

October 25, 2011

Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss Cupcakes- :(

I purchased a voucher from Metrodeal for a set of 12 "Heavenly" Cupcakes from Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss.

I immediately got the deal since I'd only be paying P225 for a P900 worth of cupcakes.

Photos on the deal page was very appealing and enticing. And to know that a piece is only around P18 will really attract many buyers.

And so, off we went to their store in Casa Nueva, Mangga Rd. Quezon City. We arrived and learned that it was a residential townhouse.

We got our cupcakes and left.

We were very disappointed.

Here are the "Heavenly" Cupcakes the deal promised.

October 24, 2011

Free Yogurt at White Hat Rustan's Makati

White Hat had this one day promotion of giving away free yogurt cups to their loyal customers in Rustan's Supermarket Makati.

You just have to print the coupon on their facebook page and present it to their staff to get your free cup.

And so, we were one of the 500 customers who actually went to their branch in Makati to claim our free yogurt.

October 23, 2011

Bistro Ravioli- Fresh Pasta and Brick Oven Pizza

We ate at this Italian Bistro last night called Bistro Ravioli in Glorietta and I was so excited to blog about it and share our new find.

A sign that says fresh pasta and brick oven pizza was a huge plus. 

The place was packed with customers since the area was just small and can accommodate around 10 groups of diners only. The open kitchen caught my attention and I told myself that we need to have a seat on the bar area. Luckily, the waiter assisted us there and offered us the menu.

October 20, 2011

Vikings- A Luxury Buffet Photo Blog

I love buffets cause I find it more sulit compared to dining in a fancy restaurant. The only downside is that sometimes, I get disappointed with the quality of the food. 

That's why I've been keeping my eyes on Vikings ever since it started operating this year. 

A buffet restaurant boasting of its elegant interiors and wide array of luxurious food choices, Vikings truly comes close to a hotel buffet.

It redefines the notion that you can never have a fine-dining experience in a buffet restaurant other than in hotels. In fact, I think Vikings is even better than some hotel buffets that I've tried. 

Starting off, they have different kinds of salad creations to choose from.

October 18, 2011

Charlie's Grind and Grill- 1st, 2nd and 3rd Time Around

I love buffalo wings. I love buffalo wings. I love buffalo wings.
Words can't express my love for buffalo wings.

Oh, Buffalo Wings! Oh, Buffalo Wings! Where art thou Buffalo Wings?
I've always been on a lookout for buffalo wings. 

It's just the perfect comfort food. I love how you could just get an order for yourself and enjoy those saucy and yummy wings with your bare hands. 

Contentment and satisfaction are two words to describe how I feel after every every meal.

No Guilt, No Regrets, No "Should Haves".

That's why when I heard that Charlie serves the best buffalo wings in town, I decided to pay him a visit.

The place is not that hard to find as the famous landmark for Charlie's is the car wash beside it in Kapitolyo.

Their menu is written all over the chalkboard above the counter making it easier for customers to browse through their offerings all at the same time. 

October 14, 2011

Kao-Chi Restaurant in N.S Amoranto

Kao-Chi is a Chinese restaurant along Amoranto,Quezon City which we were very meaning to try before. 

I've heard a lot of good reviews from friends and wanted to check it out myself.

The place is always packed at night especially on weekends, judging by the number of cars parked outside. 

We went on a weekday evening and parking was still a problem for us. 

Since we were on tight budget, we decided to just order a few dishes and the dish we came here for..
Their Xiao Long Bao.

We started with their Marinated Tofu (P88)

October 11, 2011

Sambokojin- Yakiniku Smokeless Grill

We've been wanting to give Sambokojin a try but every time we go there to make a reservation, the place is always full of customers waiting.

One Saturday night, we arrived at 7:30pm and the receptionist told us that we're number 42. Estimated time for us to get a seat is at 9:30pm! 

Seriously?! I never thought that customers would really wait for 2 hrs. just to eat there. Now, it really made me more curious and meaning to try Sambokojin out. 

We decided to eat a different restaurant since we were hungry already. There is always a next time for us. 

Fast forward to that "next time"..

My father's birthday. 

We reserved via phone call as early as 3:00pm but was told that they only accept phone reservations til 5:30pm. We have to be there to make our reservation after that time. 

So, we went to Eastwood around 6pm and reserved for an 8:00pm slot. 

Finally, we got ourselves a seat after waiting for another 15 mins. 

They have various sauces to choose from and the waiters were kind enough to explain which sauces are great for meat and which sauces are for seafood.

Service wise, it's absolutely great! Waiters are everywhere. They really assist to your needs and recommend dishes for you. 

October 6, 2011

Octoboy, Octolicious!- Japanese Sizzling Pizza

It always excites me to find a new restaurant offering Takoyaki Balls in the Metro. 

I remember when the only place I could have a dose of takoyaki balls was in SM supermarkets. A small food stall called Samurai originally offers the takoyaki balls that many people are raving about these days.

It is basically a batter of flour mixture with vegetables, green onions and squid bits. The secret lies on the sauce and "magic powder" which I always request the staff to put some additional dash.  

And now, Takoyaki stands are everywhere. From Lrt and Mrt stations, to food kiosk in malls.
But nothing compares to the original Takoyaki Balls of Samurai...

And so I thought..

Just opened in 2009, Octoboy has 2 branches already in Banawe and Tomas Morato.

We went to visit their Tomas Morato branch which was a bigger branch compared to Banawe.

Bellevue Manila's Chef D' Asie- A Five-Star Buffet Experience in the South

Opened in January 2003, Bellevue Manila boasts to be the first full service hotel in the Southern Metro.

We're not from the South so we were hoping that our first visit in Bellevue would be worth the drive.

If Sofitel have their Spirals, Shangrila have their Circles and Heat, Dusit have their Basix, Manila Hotel have their Cafe Ilang-Ilang...

Well, Bellevue, have their Cafe D' Asie - an international selection of buffet dishes ranging from Asian to Western cuisines.

The place was very sophisticated with elegant details and designs.