January 31, 2013

KFC BBQ Shredder- Shred the Usual Sandwich!

The first time I saw the KFC BBQ Shredder commercial, I instantly knew that I'll love their newest sandwich. If asked what my favorite fast-food chain is, it would probably be KFC. Although, I had some disappointments over their Cheese Top Burger, that didn't stop me from trying out this 'not your usual sandwich'. 

Unwrapping KFC's new BBQ Shredder Sandwich...

"Shredded chicken drenched in barbecue sauce..

with lettuce and tortilla chips.. 

sandwiched in a kaiser bun.. "

The commercial plays inside my head..

January 28, 2013

Thai Resa Revisited- Affordable and Authentic Thai Cuisine in Quezon City

Remember our discovery of Thai Resa in N.S Amoranto, QC? After our first visit, I swore to come back with D since the place is just near his house. Finally, a Thai restaurant near us.

After several months, we're back in Thai Resa for a casual Fridate dinner.

We basically ordered all our top picks from last time.

Catfish w/ Green Mango Salad (P180)

A great starter for a Thai meal is this plate of crunchy Catfish with Green Mango Salad. Still the same sweet, tangy and crunchy appetizer we fell in love with. 

Chicken Satay w/ Peanut Sauce (P130)

We decided to order something we haven't tried before, and since we were not in the mood for curry, we got this Chicken Satay w/ Peanut Sauce instead. It was not the usual chicken satay in skewers but it came in large slices of chicken tenders seasoned in satay served with a thick peanut sauce.

Bagoong Fried Rice (P150)

January 21, 2013

Taiwan's Famous! HoHo ChickenChop in Manila!

I've blogged about my favorite Big Daddy's Chicken before and I could remember being all excited when they opened a branch in Lucky Chinatown Mall. 

Who knew that I could find another Chicken Chop place even closer to home.

Hoho ChickenChop in Masangkay- just a few minutes walk from our house. Yey!

Their chicken chop is priced at P85 each and comes in various flavors such as HoHo Special, Original, Plum, Sour Cream, Hot & Spicy, and Lemon Pepper. 

Sour Cream (P85)

Reminds me of the sour cream flavoring in my favorite bucket of popcorn. 

Plum (P85)

Fruity and Sweet just the way I like it. 

Why choose Hoho Chickenchop?
  • It is exceptionally BIGGER than others.
  • It is priced at a low price of P85.
  • It has a super crispy coating.
  • It has NO Bones in it!

Our only comment was that it wasn't as juicy and the chicken was a bit dry. Perhaps the staff overcooked it or something. Nevertheless, it was still good and I'll definitely go back for more.

Hoho ChickenChop
1208 Masangkay Street, Tondo, Manila
(between Jollibee and Chinabank)
Tel Num: 425-6716

January 18, 2013

January 16, 2013

Kapitolyo Restaurant Series #1 : Nav Modern Thai Cuisine

The Foodies Circle along with D went to Kapitolyo last December for an annual (Yes, I'm hoping it would be a yearly tradition) Christmas dinner. We've always wanted to do a food trip around Kapitoylo, but due to its very far location, we seldom visit the area. Since this was a special occasion, we didn't mind the drive and unanimously agreed to try Nav- Modern Thai Cusine.

On the Table

Vegetable, Herb & Rice Paper (P180)

We started off with Nav's Vegetable, Herb & Rice Paper which is a fresh and light appetizer to start with. Crisp vegetable strips in thin translucent rice papers paired with peanut and tamarind dipping sauces. 

Nav's Pad Thai (P285)

January 11, 2013

Shi Lin 士林- Xiao Long Bao, Dumplings and Desserts in Fort Bonifacio

I have always been a fan of xiao long bao, but I only had few good ones to date. My ideal xiao long bao would be very soupy and flavorful with not too thick nor thin wrapper. It seems though that this combination is a rare find. On our quest to find some good xiao long bao in the Metro, we found ourselves inside Shi Lin's Fort branch. 

I've heard good reviews from friends and read positive feedback from blogs about Shi Lin's Xiao Long Bao. So we entered the place without hesitation to finally try their version.

Xiao Long Bao (P138/6 pcs , P230/10 pcs.)

January 8, 2013

Chicken For The ROAD in Ortigas Home Depot, Pasig

We rarely frequent Ortigas area for food trips ever since I've resigned from my previous job in Pasig. Honestly, I quite miss the old times when D would pick me up from work and we'd have our dinner somewhere around the area.

A recent visit to Ortigas Home Depot got us reminiscing those times as we found ourselves inside this small restaurant called Chicken for the Road

The place is very casual and simple with plastic tables and monobloc chairs. Most of their customers seem to be office employees working around the business district. 

On the Table

Chicken Fooyong  (P200)

January 7, 2013

Big BAD Wolf- Fairways Tower, Bonifacio Global City

Read mixed reviews about this restaurant in Fort called Big Bad Wolf and decided to try it out. Located in Fairways Tower in McKinley, we had quite a hard time finding it since the place isn't fronting the main road. We had to ask the guard of Fairways Tower and learned that it is actually located at the back.

There was an exhibit during our visit, so the waiter led us an available seat outside while he handed us the menu. 

On the Table

Wild Mishroom Soup w/ Truffle Oil (P180)

The Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil caught my interest and decided to order one. Since there were two of us dining, our server took the initiative to split our order into two bowls. The soup was rich and creamy, but also way too salty for me. 

Hot Wings Sweet & Spicy (P250)

January 5, 2013

Dusit Thani Thai Restaurant- Fresh and Authentic Thai Cuisine in Glorietta

I love Thai cuisine. My blog has been a proof of that fact way way back. But since it seems that I couldn't drag my family to Thai restaurants, I had to use all my convincing powers to make D appreciate Thai instead. Luckily, I succeeded and he has been my Thai food trip buddy ever since.

We were strolling around Glorietta one day and decided to try this Thai restaurant called Dusit Thani. It's hard to miss its location as most people strolling in Glorietta would surely pass by it every time. I've always wanted to try the place out, and luckily now, we got the chance. 

We tried their Thai Iced Tea while waiting for our orders. It was sweet and refreshing, however, I noticed that after a few sips, my glass was already half full. Blame it on the overly generous amount of crushed ice that was brimming on the edge of my glass. 

Catfish Salad (P180)

January 3, 2013

Toki Q Rotating BBQ Fast Food Grill in Wilson, San Juan

Wilson in San Juan has been a favorite spot for food trips recently. And every time we pass by the area, I can't help but notice this small bbq place called Toki Q. It is said to be one of the first ever rotating bbq in the Metro, and it certainly piqued my interest on the whole idea. 

The place was indeed small with limited tables and seating capacity. We carefully browsed through their menu and made our bbq selections. I like how they sell their products per stick, enabling us to try more of their bbq offerings.  

It was interesting to watch how the rotating bbq works as the machine did all the cooking of our food.

We also ordered for non bbq items on their menu while waiting for our bbq yakitori sticks. 

Onion Rings (P55)