January 21, 2013

Taiwan's Famous! HoHo ChickenChop in Manila!

I've blogged about my favorite Big Daddy's Chicken before and I could remember being all excited when they opened a branch in Lucky Chinatown Mall. 

Who knew that I could find another Chicken Chop place even closer to home.

Hoho ChickenChop in Masangkay- just a few minutes walk from our house. Yey!

Their chicken chop is priced at P85 each and comes in various flavors such as HoHo Special, Original, Plum, Sour Cream, Hot & Spicy, and Lemon Pepper. 

Sour Cream (P85)

Reminds me of the sour cream flavoring in my favorite bucket of popcorn. 

Plum (P85)

Fruity and Sweet just the way I like it. 

Why choose Hoho Chickenchop?
  • It is exceptionally BIGGER than others.
  • It is priced at a low price of P85.
  • It has a super crispy coating.
  • It has NO Bones in it!

Our only comment was that it wasn't as juicy and the chicken was a bit dry. Perhaps the staff overcooked it or something. Nevertheless, it was still good and I'll definitely go back for more.

Hoho ChickenChop
1208 Masangkay Street, Tondo, Manila
(between Jollibee and Chinabank)
Tel Num: 425-6716