January 3, 2013

Toki Q Rotating BBQ Fast Food Grill in Wilson, San Juan

Wilson in San Juan has been a favorite spot for food trips recently. And every time we pass by the area, I can't help but notice this small bbq place called Toki Q. It is said to be one of the first ever rotating bbq in the Metro, and it certainly piqued my interest on the whole idea. 

The place was indeed small with limited tables and seating capacity. We carefully browsed through their menu and made our bbq selections. I like how they sell their products per stick, enabling us to try more of their bbq offerings.  

It was interesting to watch how the rotating bbq works as the machine did all the cooking of our food.

We also ordered for non bbq items on their menu while waiting for our bbq yakitori sticks. 

Onion Rings (P55)

Their Onion Rings reminded me of my favorite treat from Burger King. It was served hot and fresh with a crunchy batter coating. Price may seem very affordable, but I was not too satisfied with its serving size.  

Kara-age (P75)

Next to be served was the Chicken Kara-age in a special Toki sauce. Tender chunks of chicken, breaded and fried to perfection which we enjoyed munching on. 

Chicken Wings (P45), Chicken Fillet (P27), Chicken Skin (P26), Pork Ball (P29), Tontoro Pork (P30)

When the bbq skewers were served to us, I was quite disappointed with the sizes given the price per stick. But after trying out each bbq, I was kinda impressed by the taste and quality. Surely, the taste made up for its size. It has this smokey bbq aroma in every bite, followed by a sweet and salty combination of their special Toki sauce. 

Schlurp Earl Grey Milk Tea w/ Chewy Jellies (P60)

It is in Toki Q where we first discovered Schlurp-milk tea w/ jellies in a bottle. It's probably the first and only milk tea in a bottle that we've tried and we loved it. It's not too sweet, rather it's milkier with a mild taste of earl grey flavor. 

Toki Q Menu:

Overall, I would say our visit to Toki Q was a nice experience. I would definitely visit again perhaps for a light snack or a quick bite. I have yet to try other bbq skewers as some weren't available during our visit. 

It's Beryllicious Top Picks
Pork Ball
Tontoro Pork (Pork Belly)

Check out other restaurants within the area:

Toki Q
P. Guevara corner Wilson St., San Juan
Tel Num: 425-9867
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TokiQ


  1. Very affordable. I want to visit this place soon! :)

  2. Great Pictures! I'll definitely come back to your blog :)

  3. I've always passed by this place and same as you, it has piqued my interest evrytime I pass by. The Karaage looks delish. I'd better try this soon or else.. =)


  4. Ohh, this looks interesting. The Chicken Kara-age looks SO GOOD!


  5. I've been hearing a lot about Toki-Q but haven't gotten the chance to try it out. Mapilit nga si J to bring me to Toki-Q soon! :D Will try their skewers and the Schlurp! ^^

  6. serendipity0017January 04, 2013

    I love onion rings and chicken kara-age too! Would love to try the schlurp milk tea


  7. Your foodstuffs added up to my cravings. I like that barbeque grill kind of thing in your kitchen and I hope to visit your place soon.

  8. Chloe WallaceMay 06, 2013

    I loved the rotating barbecue grill thing. And all the food were affordable and mouth watering.


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