January 27, 2018

Color Manila Paradise Run 2018- Starting the Year With A Colorful Bang!

This 2018, we decided to start our year with a colorful bang, by joining the Color Manila Paradise Run last Jan 7. We've joined a few fun runs before, but I can confidently say that this one is the best and most enjoyable fun run we've been to. In fact, the whole 5km didn't feel like a workout for us.

January 11, 2018

6 Fun and Interesting Place To Visit and Experience In Singapore

Singapore has become one of the most sought after destinations in Southeast Asia over the course of the last decade or two. This is probably thanks to a number of factors, not least of which are Singapore’s increasing prominence as an international business hub and the fact that several incredible resorts have sprung up there. At any rate, it’s a place people from all over the world want to visit- and with good reason!

Traveling to a place like this, the best thing to do is often just to explore. You can see and do all kinds of fun things just talking to locals, getting recommendations from your hotel, and even setting off aimlessly. To assist you a little bit in getting to know the area however, here are some of the fun things you can do.

Gardens By The Bay