November 27, 2015

New Jolly Super Meals with Your Favorite Langhap-Sarap Favorites from Jollibee

Imagine all you favorite treats from Jollibee in one super value meal. This year, the famous local fast-food chain celebrates the season by filling up our tummies with all their langhap-sarap offerings.

Feast on the wide selection of classic favorites without having to choose one over the other, because your all-time Jollibee favorites are now available in one plate. Introducing Jollibee's new Jolly Super Meals- amazing meal combos for guaranteed satisfaction!

Chickenjoy Super Meal (P135)

November 21, 2015

Charlie's Grind and Grill- Burgers, Wings and More in Legaspi Village, Makati

Burgers and Wings- a classic combination of our favorite comfort food. The mouthwatering duo that can instantly satisfy our hungry tummies. And where does one go for classic burgers and wings?

There may be a lot of new burgers and wings place around offering fancy gourmet burgers and extensive selections of flavored wings, but there is this one place that we always go back to- Charlie's Grind and Grill. Yes, it is that famous burger place just beside a car wash shop in Kapitolyo. And we have been loyal customers ever since it opened their second branch in Ronac Art Center in Greenhills.

However, it was only until recently that we learned they opened a third branch in Legaspi Village, Makati. Since D was scheduled for a haircut at Back Alley, we decided to drop by Charlie's to have some good 'ol burgers and wings.

Heard that Charlie's Grind and Grill is coming up with a new line of premium burgers. (As if their Wagyu and Angus beef burgers are not premium enough.) While I am not much into burgers, I really enjoy Charlie's simple and tasty handcrafted burgers. Price wise, I say they offer good value for your money. Nothing really fancy, just the classic all beef burger patty (without extenders- which explains why their burgers are crumbly and can be quite messy to eat) with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. 

I boosted my Wagyu Cheeseburger with Shrooms (P445), but for those who want a simpler, no-frills burger, Charlie's Wagyu Cheeseburger (P230) or Black Angus Cheeseburger (P220) is a great choice and definitely a bang for your bucks.

KFI Snow Non-Dairy Whipping Cream- Pastry Making at Galastar Culinary School

Snow: The Art of Pastry Making event was held last November 7, 2015 at the Galastar Culinary School. The event showcased the effectiveness of Snow Non-Dairy Whipping Cream by inviting 7 participating chefs to create their own delightful pastries. The challenge of the event was to use at least 240ml (1 cup) of Snow whipping cream to their dessert recipes with basic kitchen equipment and ingredients provided to all participants. Lastly, all seven chefs were given a time limit of 1 hr and 30 minutes to finish their creations.

Three Best Filipino Dishes to Try in the Philippines by Savingmart.Ph

Filipino cuisine is highly influenced by Spanish cuisine, though it is also a mixed variety of Malay, Indian, American, and Chinese cuisines adapted to locally-sourced ingredients and the local palate. If you ever plan to visit this beautiful country, do not miss trying out some famous and delicious dishes of the Philippines. Here are the three most popular food according to a survey by

Adobo- a very popular dish you would come across the menus of almost every Filipino restaurant in the Philippines. The word ‘adobo’ means marinade – hence the specialty of this dish is the taste the meat acquires when infused with a marinade of vinegar – the main ingredient of the dish, along with soy sauce, oil, garlic, pepper and bay leaves. 

photo by dbgg1979 on Wikipedia

November 3, 2015

The Halal Guys Gyro and Chicken in NYC Comes Over To Manila- SM Mega Food Hall

After 25 years in NYC, The Halal Guys finally opened their first branch outside the US. Lucky for us Filipinos, that place is here! Located in SM Megamall's Mega Food Hall, The Halal Guys has been drawing foodies from around the metro since it opened last October 13,2015. 

A long queue just outside the food hall doesn't come as a surprise, as eager customers patiently wait for their turn to get a taste of The Halal Guys' famous gyro and chicken. 

The famous platter of Gyro and Chicken Combo over rice is a surefire bestseller that offers two of The Halal Guys specialties. It features a combination of their perfectly spiced gyro (beef) and halal grilled chicken over a generous serving of fragrant jasmine, pita, lettuce, tomatoes, and The Halal Guys' signature white sauce. Their signature hot sauce, on the other hand, is served on the side. 

November 2, 2015

Jollibee Peach Mango Sundae- A Sweet and Fruity Twist to the Classic Dessert

Imagine two of your favorite desserts from Jollibee, combined into a fruity and creamy cup of sundae goodness. Introducing, the smooth and milky soft serve vanilla sundae topped with the classic Peach Mango Pie from Jollibee- Jollibee Peach Mango Sundae.

A sweet and refreshing cup of dessert that gives a whole new level of langhap-sarap experience.