May 15, 2020

Where to get your Ube Cheese Pandesal while on Enhanced Community Quarantine

People seem to have more time on their hands during this enhanced community quarantine and a lot are starting to explore their skills and talents be it in business, arts, crafts, cooking and baking. A popular trend is the rise of home-bakers offering their own version of the much talked about Ube Cheese Pandesal.

The classic pandesal made special by adding two ingredients most of us Pinoys love- UBE & CHEESE.

While not everyone have the resources and skills to bake their own breads at home, you'd be happy to know that a lot of online sellers and home-bakers are just around your neighborhood offering these warm and pillowy-soft ube cheese pandesal. 

Here's a list on where to get your Ube Cheese Pandesal fix (for every budget) during this ECQ.