January 31, 2013

KFC BBQ Shredder- Shred the Usual Sandwich!

The first time I saw the KFC BBQ Shredder commercial, I instantly knew that I'll love their newest sandwich. If asked what my favorite fast-food chain is, it would probably be KFC. Although, I had some disappointments over their Cheese Top Burger, that didn't stop me from trying out this 'not your usual sandwich'. 

Unwrapping KFC's new BBQ Shredder Sandwich...

"Shredded chicken drenched in barbecue sauce..

with lettuce and tortilla chips.. 

sandwiched in a kaiser bun.. "

The commercial plays inside my head..

I love it to bits! It reminds me of my favorite BBQ Pulled Pork-only this is chicken which is better and healthier for me. 

Shredded Chicken in sweet and smokey barbecue sauce.. Fresh lettuce and Tortilla CHIP.. an 'S' should be placed after that but my burger had only one on it.. Sandwiched in a soft Sesame Kaiser bun.. A great twist to KFC's usual bun.

For just an affordable price of P55/ala carte or P85/combo, I now have a new chicken sandwich favorite from KFC. Soooo gooood!! :) 


  1. a deviation on their poster and commercial on how it really looks like in the real world lol

  2. yaniconquistadoraFebruary 01, 2013

    I might try this later with my best friend :) Really affordable huh. One of my fave QSRs too..KFC!!!!!!!

  3. try it out @michymichymoo:disqus :) let me know what you think :)

  4. sulit tlga! :) cheers to us KFC fans! :)

  5. it really looked different from the ads.. but it was actually good :)

  6. I'd still prefer their fried chicken =D

  7. Andrew AngelesFebruary 04, 2013

    oh wow that is affordable!

  8. i havent been to KFC since the 80s. but i feel a much better and healthier sandwich would be a vegan version, BBQ Vegan Shredder.

  9. sherry ann gole cruzMay 03, 2014

    yummy,cant wait to have this!


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