May 18, 2015

Giveaway: Win A 1-Year Supply of Super Coffee 3 in 1- What A Smile Tastes Like!

What makes you smile? It could be waking up to a beautiful morning, or having breakfast with loved ones everyday. How about a perfect cup of coffee to perk you up? No matter what it is, we always find a reason to smile at the start of each day. 

Here's another reason to smile. Super Coffee PH is giving one reader a one-year supply of Super Coffee!

But before that, let me share some details about the Super Coffee launch held at Fireside Megamall last month. Aside from getting to know the people who brought Super Coffee in the Philippines, we were introduced to Super Coffee's different variants to let us experience what a smile tastes like.

Super Coffee Classic 3 in 1 

Super Coffee Charcoal Roasted 3 in 1 White Coffee

Super Coffee Palettes 3 in 1

Super Coffee is a Singaporean brand that uses premium quality beans from Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia.

A blind taste test was done wherein Super Coffee got majority of votes. Its aroma alone makes Super Coffee a landslide winner. Super Coffee clearly was more aromatic and tastier compared to other brands.

I personally enjoyed each variant. You can't go wrong with Super Coffee's Classic 3 in 1 Brown Coffee- simple but tasty! The Roasted Hazelnut gives a nice nutty flavor, while the Salted Caramel adds extra sweetness to every cup. The Toffee Caramel can be too sweet for some, but adding a little more water can help temper its sweetness.

We were given samples of Super Coffee variants, and so far everyone I shared the coffee with gave nothing but positive feedback. They were also surprised to know that each sachet is available for an affordable price of P6.00 only! Super Coffee is currently available in Waltermart and Puregold supermarkets. 

Super Coffee also held a series of Smile Caravan campaign wherein dancing baristas gave out free coffee samples in Baguio, Ayala MRT Station, and Eastwood. More than 13,000 cups were served and more than 13,000 smiles were created. 

For you to know what a smile tastes like, Super Coffee is giving away a 1-year supply of Super Coffee to 1 lucky reader! Yes, that's a lot of coffee you can enjoy and share with family and friends. 

How? Just follow the simple mechanics via rafflecopter below. 

Please make sure you follow all the mandatory steps for your entries to be valid. 

But wait, there's more! You can get another chance to win a one-year supply of Super Coffee by joining their facebook promo. 

Good Luck to Everyone!!!

Super Coffee PH


  1. Camille QuiambaoMay 18, 2015

    making my parents happy makes me happy :)

    camille quiambao

  2. Camille QuiambaoMay 18, 2015

    wanna try

    Chili Vinegar!

  3. For as long as my family, friends and loved ones have smiles on their
    faces, cheerful and going, nevertheless I will be smiling too. Also, I
    smile the most if I did something to make a person smile. :)

    John Paul S. Tanyag

  4. Mai BalaiboMay 18, 2015

    Books ♥ especially in cold weather, with my favorite blanket and a warm cup of coffee :)

    Maridol Balaibo

  5. Rachelle Therese F. GonzalesMay 18, 2015

    The Company of family and friends makes me happy

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  6. AnonymousMay 18, 2015

    seeing happy people around makes me happy.too
    abigail ong

  7. maricris abarabarMay 18, 2015

    my family makes me happy, and of course winning 1 year supply of super coffee makes me happy!
    Maricris T. Abarabar

  8. Playing with my 7-year-old niece always makes me happy.
    Anna Maria Adona

  9. Marizza DomingoMay 18, 2015

    Seeing my family and loved ones in the pink of health makes me happy.

    Complete name: Marizza Domingo

  10. Claire SantiagoMay 18, 2015

    happy thoughts and wonderful memories would always make me smile
    Clarinda Santiago,

  11. It's almost midnight and this post has made me crave for Pops N' Chips!

  12. Vangie Tumambo VillamielMay 19, 2015

    seeing my kids happy and healthy makes me happy,
    vangie villamiel,

  13. complete name: Lynne Agapin

    Having a cup of hot coffee with my family. <3
    Seeing them smile as soon as I wake up is a precious moment of happiness.

  14. kristine PelayoMay 19, 2015

    Name : Kristine Pelayo
    Email add:
    My Family and of course my one only Daughter is very happiness to me and I see her healthy and finish her schooling I was quite happy. :)

  15. Mary Anne Viquiera TapangMay 19, 2015

    My loved ones, my family, my beautiful niece, the smell of books, the coffee aroma, foods, chocolates, sunshine and travelling makes me happy.

    Name: Mary Anne Tapang

  16. Mary Anne Viquiera TapangMay 19, 2015

    Wow the foods looks really delicious and tempting, when my Mom come back home I will treat her there :)

  17. Claire SantiagoMay 19, 2015

    Manang's Chicken is one of the most affordable yet quality fastfoods

  18. Marykay MarilaoMay 19, 2015

    My family makes me happy.
    Jackielyn Catalla

  19. sherry ann gole cruzMay 19, 2015

    My three kids,kyle,irelle,bella makes me happy!
    sherry ann gole cruz

  20. Marykay MarilaoMay 19, 2015

    Wow! Gerry's grill serve the best tasting lutong bahay. I've tried their sisig and crispy kangkong and it really tastes superb! Nice photo sis. Keep it up!

  21. leny del gallego martinezMay 19, 2015

    There's a lot of things that makes me happy..being with my kids and with my husband makes me happy,being with my family and friends makes me happy..but most specially being with the presence of our Almighty God makes me happy..and i will be happy if i will win the one year supply of SUPER COFFEE!! :-)
    Leny Martinez

  22. leny del gallego martinezMay 19, 2015

    I missed the time when we been there at Gerry's with my friends,,i treat my friend at gerry's last 2009 its my birthday actually!sa sobra sarap ng menu sa gerry's talaga masisimot mo ang pagkain na oorderin mo...

  23. Clyde A. GabrielMay 19, 2015

    To be with my family and serving the Lord makes me happy!!!
    Clyde A. Gabriel

  24. Mary Anne Viquiera TapangMay 20, 2015

    The foods look delicious, where does Manang's Chicken located? Thanks in advance, I wanna try their chicken poppers.

  25. Marykay MarilaoMay 20, 2015

    Wow! Merring merry ang christmas sa sparkling ng pic pwede pla yan dito. S Marriott Hotel Manila pla ito. Ang sosyal.

  26. cheekeegirlMay 20, 2015

    Aside from my kids and being with my family, another thing that makes me happy and content is having a healthy body, mind and spirit and being able to do things that satisfies my being (e.g. beautify and accessorizing our home, a clean and cozy home and pampering myself like facials, body massage to name a few)

    Donna Rose O. Juezan

  27. Hanna Roxette Aquino-ZuluetaMay 21, 2015

    I am happy with what I have-- my family, my work-from-home job, and a nice apartment. I have everything I need. :)

    Hanna Roxette Zulueta

  28. Arminda Puno De LeonMay 21, 2015

    My family makes me happy regardless of situations, laughing waking up and understanding that I am love everyday makes everything worthwhile to live.

    Arminda Puno De Leon

  29. Sarap ng mga pagkain.Sulit na sulit para sa Mother's Day Celebration.God bless your family!

  30. Marie Annielyn BalaguerMay 21, 2015

    Everyday I enjoy doing things that makes me happy, stress free..listening to music...Marie Annielyn Balaguer

  31. Jun AndresMay 21, 2015

    Behind my Happiness? my family, my boo, my achievements, the life that i have, these makes me smile and continue to go on in life..

  32. maricris abarabarMay 21, 2015

    How I wish someday we could celebrate Mother's day with my mom. She's in the province while we are here in Manila. But everytime we go to the province we make sure we spend quality time with her. We make everyday a mothher's day...

  33. Jim Marlon MacaraegMay 22, 2015

    My Loving Family makes me happy. With my family, my environment is stress-free.

    Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg

  34. My 2 years old baby always makes me happy :) Lalo na pag nagagawa nya yung milestones nya :D and for discovering new things.

    Michelle Pelayo
    Czayeumli@ymail. com

  35. Feng ManlapazMay 26, 2015

    Kare kare and Baby squid are my mom's favorite. laging ubos at busog na busog.

  36. Makitang masaya ang mga mahal ko sa buhay that what makes me happy : )
    Maria Sheenly Albelar /

  37. Making my family enjoy the fruits of my hardwork puts a big smile on my face.


  38. leny del gallego martinezJune 03, 2015

    we will try the food at Manang chicken soon..

  39. Feng ManlapazJune 03, 2015

    I love the fusion-type foods... A lot of offerings to choose from... i love the desserts because I am a dessert addict. Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Souffle w/ Vanilla Creme Anglaise looks to-die-for.

  40. Camille QuiambaoJune 10, 2015

    Chili Vinegar seems delicious!

  41. Marie Carolaine FameroJune 10, 2015

    Awwww :( I hope I saw this a little earlier! I bet this would be a good surprise for my mom. Hope there's another promo of Gerry's Grill next Mother's Day! :)

  42. Marykay MarilaoJune 10, 2015

    The food are all tempting. My family loves chicken.


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