May 7, 2015

Le Petit Souffle French-Japanese Bistro- Comfort Food in Century City Mall

Fancy some French? The newly opened Le Petit Souffle at Century City Mall has been the newest talk of the town. Don't let its name intimidate you as the French-Japanese bistro serves modern comfort food and desserts in a bright and enchanting atmosphere. Guests are welcomed to an outdoor garden-inspired setting with charming decors and accents.

There's no room for ordinary on the menu as each dish manifests the bold and creative characteristics of chefs Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla- the brains behind Le Petit Souffle. 

Take for example these hearty bowls of soup that are far beyond the ordinary. 

Japanese Curry Squash Soup (P195)- Summer squash soup with Japanese curry, toasted hazelnut, apple cider and sour cream

Sweet Corn Potage (P195)- roasted Japanese sweet corn potage topped with salted caramel popcorn and shaved parmesan with a side of roasted corn on the cob 

The classic squash soup is made special with a touch of Japanese curry, while the salted caramel popcorn in the sweet corn potage makes a nice quirky garnish. As much as I wanted to pick a favorite, both were equally unique and different. For a safer choice of soup, I recommend the Sweet Corn Potage, while the Japanese Curry Squash Soup is for the more adventurous ones.

Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad (P345)- seared tuna loin, garden greens, shimeji, tobiko with sesame-wasabi dressing 

This refreshing plate of salad was a feast both to the eyes and palate. I would have enjoyed it better if it wasn't for the sesame-wasabi dressing (I don't eat wasabi). Good thing it was served separately and the creamy sesame dressing tasted more evident.

Vegetarian Soba Pasta (P325)- soba, shimeji, zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper in shoyu sauce

Normally I find Japanese soba dishes light tasting and bland. Not in the case of Le Petit Souffle's Vegetarian Soba Pasta, which was very tasty and flavorful. Who ever said that vegetarian dishes are bland and boring?

Mac and Foie (P625)- macaroni with 3 cheeses (sharp cheddar, emmental, and gruyere) with shimeji, crimini and hungarian sausage 

The classic Mac and Cheese was embellished with soft and delicate foie gras, hungarian sausage and shimeji mushrooms on top. Although made with 3 kinds of cheese, I didn't find it too salty nor overwhelming at all. But, it's still a great idea to share with the group, as it can be too much for one person.

Squid Ink Rice (P395)- fresh seafood, shimeji, and soft scrambled egg on squid ink rice

But if there's one dish I could finish all by myself, that would be Le Petit Souffle's Squid Ink Rice. It was definitely the winning dish and highlight of our visit.

Fruit Teas (served in 1L carafes)

Yakult + Guava (P375) and Strawberry + Mint + Celery (P375)

Le Petit Souffle's offers fruit teas in unique flavor combinations served in 1L carafes. The drinks were the perfect summer coolers-sweet, fruity and refreshing. 


Matcha Souffle Pancake (P180)

If classic pancakes were as fluffy and tasty as this matcha souffle pancake, I would probably look forward to eating them everyday. I love that you can evidently taste the matcha flavor in every bite, while the maple syrup and creme anglaise adds a nice sweet and buttery contrast. 

Vanilla and Citron Souffle Glace (P300)

This frozen vanilla souffle reminds me of classic vanilla bean ice cream with a light and creamy texture. I appreciated this dessert more when the citron compote was added to it. 

Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Souffle w/ Vanilla Creme Anglaise (P350)

Since this dessert made use of 70% dark chocolate, I expected the souffle to be rich and bitter. Surprisingly, it was light and not overbearingly sweet. 

Salted Egg Caramel Parfait (P220)

As much as I wanted to try the Strawberry Lychee Parfait, this one immediately piqued our interest and curiosity. Imagine a vanilla custard base softee topped with salted egg custard, peanut brittle, granola and vanilla wafer. A unique creation offering a play of interesting flavors and textures.

Le Petit Souffle Opening Menu:

Le Petit Souffle offers a modern dining experience that gives a whole new twist to our classic comfort dishes. Go for their creative souffle selections, or check out their Squid Ink Rice, Mac and Foie or desserts and treat yourself to a complete indulgence. 

Le Petit Souffle
3rd Floor Cenutry City Mall, Kalayaan Ave. Poblacion Makati City
Contact num: 886-3056

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