November 22, 2011

Thai Dara- Revisited

Once again, we visited Thai Dara for dinner using our P300 voucher from Ensogo.

The place was surprisingly empty on a Friday night so we got ourselves a seat without calling for reservations.

We got to take pictures of the whole place freely since there were no other diners inside. 

Their Wall of Fame :)

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I browsed through their menu and got the usual dish we always order in Thai restaurants.

Pad Thai Noodle (P209) and Bagoong Rice (P189)

Nothing really changed about their Pad Thai Noodle. It's still the same Pad Thai we used to order. It's nice that they were able to retain the same quality and taste of their Pad Thai I raved about before. 

Their Bagoong rice still lacked the Bagoong taste that we were expecting. The rice was quite dry too. I loved the small pieces of dried shrimps though.

This time we did not ordered their Crispy Tofu but had their Bangkok Spring Rolls (P139) instead.

D and I both loved it! It was crispy and chunky at the same time. The sweet and tangy sauce tickled our taste buds. It is now officially included in our "must order" list in Thai Dara! :)

We wanted to order something different that time so we had their Green Curry Chicken (P189)

It was served in a small dish with chunks of chicken and eggplant. It was a little spicy with an herb-y flavor.   Best to eat it with rice to balance out the flavor of the curry. 

This time we also ordered for their best-selling drink Thai Iced Tea (P55).

It tasted like milk tea but was not too heavy to drink. We found it a little sweet though but I guess adding a little water into it would help lessen its sweetness.

With these amount of food every weekends, we would have gained a lot of weight before Christmas arrives. 

Thai Dara
56 Granada St. Brgy. Valencia
Quezon City
4111156, 5680651