July 22, 2016

Nestle All Purpose Cream Recipe- Creamy Chicken Adobo #CreateWithCream

Nestle has always been part of our everyday lives- from morning breakfasts to jump start our day, to family lunches and intimate dinner conversations. Nestle was always there to bring simple joys and exciting surprises. Speaking of surprises, Nestle brings us another surprise from the number one all-purpose cream used in every household. The Nestle All-Purpose Cream introduces a whole new level of cooking by giving a twist to our favorite local dishes.  

Last week, I was invited to an intimate gathering of friends and families at the Blue Leaf Events Place in McKinley Hill, BGC. We witnessed how Nestle All-Purpose Cream can be used not only in sweet dessert recipes, but also in classic savory dishes, such as our timeless Chicken Adobo

With the help of culinary expert and chef Rob Pengson, we were able to recreate this Creamy Chicken Adobo, made extra special with Nestle All-Purpose Cream

A cook-off was held, and I was teamed up with good friend and fellow blogger Sumi of thepurpledoll.net

Fortunately, she has some mad skills in home-cooking, so together, we were able to pull-off this extra creamy and savory twice-cooked chicken adobo in just a matter of minutes. The addition of Nestle All Purpose Cream certainly made a difference, and gave a nice balance to the naturally rich and salty dish.  

Here’s our own version of Nestle All-Purpose Cream Creamy Chicken Adobo:

Everyone enjoyed cooking their own adobo creation, and since every version was different and unique on its own, all three teams were declared as winners! 

It was definitely amazing to personally experience how easy it is to #CreateWithCream using Nestle All-Purpose Cream. 

Visit Nestle Cream Facebook page and check out www.createwithcream.ph for more recipes and creamy inspirations. 

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