July 13, 2016

Taiwan Trip Day 2- Danshui/Tamsui District's Fisherman's Wharf and Lover's Bridge

Here's the continuation of our trip in Taiwan few years ago. I have forgotten to post about the remaining days of our trip due to several backlogs. I just remembered it recently when I was invited to be the guest speaker for Time for Taiwan event held during the Travel Madness Expo in SMX. While it was years since my last visit, the memories suddenly became fresh and vivid as I was making my presentation.

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After a tiring first day (Fu Hang Dou Jiang, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, Mala Hotpot, National Palace Museum, Shilin Market) we managed to wake up early for a trip to Danshui district. Danshui is located at the northern part of Taiwan, quite far from the main city but very accessible via MRT.

Danshui District 
MRT: Tamsui Station

We walked along Danshui's old street until we reached the riverfront and ferry dock. We bought some refreshments and snacks along the way.

This vendor selling freshly-squeezed orange juice caught our attention. (NT60 approx. P85)

It was very sweet and certainly freshly-squeezed!

We also bought a refreshingly cold Sour Plum Juice (NT35 approx. P50)

We checked out this street vendor selling Taiwanese soup dumplings (Tang Bao). (NT50 approx. P70)

It was ok, but nothing really special.

One of Tamsui/Danshui's main attractions is the Fisherman's Wharf. It is known for its beautiful sunset view and fresh seafood. We bought roundtrip ferry tickets from Danshui Wharf (NT120 approx P170) and traveled around 20 minutes to Fisherman's Wharf.

You can also buy your ferry tickets from these counters. Just realized the other counter sells tickets for NT100 (approx. P140) only.

Some people recommend going to Fisherman's Wharf during sunset to better appreciate the scenic view. We went early in the morning and the view was still breathtaking. Honestly, there aren't many places to go in Fisherman's Wharf. There were some shops, arcades and eateries, but most people go here just to unwind and appreciate the relaxing view of the city.

One famous attraction is the Lover's Bridge where you can get a better view of the sunset. At night, the bridge illuminates with a spectrum of colors, giving it a beautiful and spectacular rainbow effect.

We went back to the dock and tried Danshui's local specialty A-Gei (NT35 or approx P50) - fried beancurd stuffed with glass noodles drenched in a special sauce. Honestly, I was not a fan, but it was nice to have at least tried their local delicacy.

Of course, we also had their famous jumbo soft serve ice cream cone (small-NT15 approx P20, jumbo- NT25 or approx P35)

The sundae cone was so high I wonder how they can do it perfectly every single time. Taste-wise, it was like watered down ice cream. Not creamy at all.

While walking along Danshui's old street, we stopped for some "iron eggs"- a local delicacy of chicken or quail eggs braised in a mix of spices.

Danshui District is a great place to bring your loved ones. It is one of the most romantic places in Taiwan where you can just walk around, enjoy the scenery, ride a ferry to Fisherman's Wharf and cross the Lover's Bridge while holding your partner's hand.

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