August 22, 2017

All New Jimm's Cafe Clara with El Maca Extract Instant Coffee Mix Review

Goldshine Pharmaceuticals Inc., the makers of Jimm's Herbal Coffee Mix, comes out with yet another drink that will surely make your daily cup of coffee extra special. Earlier this month, I received a box of the all new Jimm's Cafe Clara with El Maca extract to try. I am not much into instant coffee mixes, but I've always liked Jimm's coffee. It's a nice drink for those who want sweet and creamy coffee without the bitter taste.

Cafe Clara is said to have el maca extract that helps boost stamina and physical endurance.

Each sachet consists of a generous 30g coffee mix perfect for one cup.

I tried Cafe Clara for myself, and while I am not really after the el maca benefits, it was a nice pick-me-up drink. First I noticed was its sweet and fragrant aroma of hazelnut. Taste-wise, it was very milky and sweet. The coffee flavor was subtle, so it is perfect even for non-coffee drinkers.

I was initially worried about how it would taste like, given that it's an herbal coffee mix. Normally, these kind of drinks would have that funny smell and taste because of the herbal ingredients. Fortunately, Cafe Clara's taste profile was not off-putting. You can taste a hint of herbal notes, but the sweet and creamy hazelnut flavor tasted more distinct.

I personally cannot vouch for the effectiveness of Cafe Clara's claim of increased endurance during intimate engagement, but with Jimm's reputable background of providing health-enhancing premium-quality products, they are already known experts on their field.

Try out Cafe Clara for yourself for only P16 per sachet.

Taste the urge for that sudden romantic feeling that is Cafe Clara, available in major supermarkets nationwide.

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